2012-09-13 Matt S Trout Release commit for 2012.08002 master v2012.08002
2012-09-13 Matt S Trout bump version for real release
2012-09-09 Matt S Trout skeleton changes file
2012-09-09 Matt S Trout switch to Distar for packaging
2012-09-05 Matt S Trout switch to INSTALLSITEARCH to avoid installing into...
2012-09-04 Matt S Trout the rakudo build doesn't create the blib/ dirs it needs
2012-09-04 Matt S Trout switch Makefile.PL to use dist version as well
2012-09-04 Matt S Trout fetch version of star based on dist version
2012-09-04 Matt S Trout initial import of star builder