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[scpubgit/Object-Remote.git] / xt /
2016-01-08 Colin Newell Ensure Module::Runtime use_package_optimistically works.
2016-01-08 Colin Newell Tweaked error message on failure to import.
2012-07-19 Matt S Trout parallelise connection setup
2012-07-18 Matt S Trout working automatic prompting
2012-06-18 Matt S Trout clean up calling system
2012-06-04 Matt S Trout add stderr output to local sudo test since that did...
2012-06-02 Matt S Trout password callback working
2012-06-02 Matt S Trout successfully wrapping sudo
2012-05-31 Robert 'phaylon... xtests for local sudo connector
2012-05-31 Robert 'phaylon... xt for bridged remote objects