::Logging::TestLogger package decleration had wrong name
[scpubgit/Object-Remote.git] / t /
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle ::Logging::TestLogger package decleration had wrong...
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle update watchdog to use log setup env var
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle remove t/logsetup.pl
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle remove t/logsetup.pl and move feature into $ENV{OBJECT_...
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle new test to validate connection inside a connection...
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle move PIPE signal handler to miniloop and update timeout...
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle add pid and hostname to logging metadata; setting OBJEC...
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle export router function in ::Logging; add time of log...
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle alarm() in fatnode is now set to value of connection...
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle replaced entire logging subsystem with one that is...
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle fix incorrect indentation
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle fix ssh arguments the correct way
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle all tests run at trace log level with a null log output...
2012-12-04 Matt S Trout add __local_object__
2012-12-04 Jess Robinson Test attempt for passing objects around via O::R
2012-07-20 Matt S Trout timeout test
2012-07-19 Matt S Trout timer support in MiniLoop
2012-07-17 Matt S Trout maybe::start
2012-07-17 Matt S Trout test without start
2012-07-17 Matt S Trout fixup start, add then::
2012-07-17 Robert 'phaylon... allow glob references to be transferred
2012-07-17 Matt S Trout FromData
2012-07-16 Robert 'phaylon... allow scalar refs to be transferred
2012-07-12 Matt S Trout add can::on
2012-07-11 Robert 'phaylon... tests for await_* with kept and thrown-away proxy object
2012-06-11 Matt S Trout minor API cleanups
2012-06-06 Matt S Trout add Object::Remote->connect
2012-06-06 Matt S Trout get_remote_sub
2012-06-02 Matt S Trout callback calling
2012-05-31 Matt S Trout make module_sender parameterisable
2012-05-31 Matt S Trout make test not require ssh
2012-05-31 Robert 'phaylon... test for bridge to local
2012-05-18 Matt S Trout factor handle code out so Object::Remote->new returns...
2012-05-17 Matt S Trout working module sending
2012-05-14 Matt S Trout it runs!