Propagate errors from FatNode code
[scpubgit/Object-Remote.git] / lib / Object / Remote / Role / Connector /
2012-07-26 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Propagate errors from FatNode code
2012-07-20 Matt S Trout parameterize more of the connector information
2012-07-19 Matt S Trout parallelise connection setup
2012-07-18 Matt S Trout working automatic prompting
2012-06-26 Matt S Trout BuildAll and DemolishAll are loaded on first ->new...
2012-06-11 Matt S Trout save sending fatnode repeatedly
2012-06-02 Matt S Trout propagate debug flag over ssh
2012-06-02 Matt S Trout successfully wrapping sudo
2012-05-31 Matt S Trout make module_sender parameterisable
2012-05-31 Matt S Trout use remote's module sender if it exists
2012-05-31 Robert 'phaylon... refactored fatpacking and added LocalSudo connector