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2016-01-10 Matt S Trout bump version
2016-01-10 Matt S Trout re-order contributors alphabetically by nick
2016-01-08 Colin Newell Tweaked error message on failure to import.
2015-07-18 Matt S Trout bump version
2014-10-04 Matt S Trout bump version
2014-07-29 Matt S Trout bump version
2013-03-19 Matt S Trout bump version
2013-02-04 Tyler Riddle update logging docs to not require router specific...
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle update docs so perl interpreter configuration is docume...
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle set version number to 0.003001_01
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle cleanup trailing whitespace ugliness
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle document known issues; document Object::Remote::Connect...
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle update Object::Remote::connect() to pass arguments...
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle start at 0.3.1 instead of 0.3.0
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle remove vestigial IPC::Open2 from PerlInterpreter.pm
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle remove some dead comments; fix some bad whitespace
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle change log init to be entirely with in object::remote...
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle add self to contributor list; document new env variable...
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle fix indentation levels; remove dead comments and code
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle more log lines - found deadlock where controller blocks...
2013-01-31 Tyler Riddle start adding logs and add support for routed logs and...
2012-07-25 Matt S Trout bump version
2012-07-23 Matt S Trout bump version
2012-07-19 Matt S Trout parallelise connection setup
2012-07-18 Matt S Trout second release - moar awesome
2012-07-12 Matt S Trout fix version line
2012-07-12 Matt S Trout initial changes and version
2012-07-12 Matt S Trout initial sucky documentation
2012-07-12 Matt S Trout add can::on
2012-06-11 Matt S Trout minor API cleanups
2012-06-06 Matt S Trout add Object::Remote->connect
2012-06-04 Matt S Trout invert new::on logic to make remoting saner
2012-05-18 Matt S Trout factor handle code out so Object::Remote->new returns...
2012-05-18 Matt S Trout start and await_all working
2012-05-17 Matt S Trout parti8al conversion to future based system; start still...
2012-05-17 Matt S Trout remoting works
2012-05-17 Matt S Trout working module sending
2012-05-14 Matt S Trout add call_free/call_discard_free to save a message on...
2012-05-14 Matt S Trout make it actually exit when dead
2012-05-14 Matt S Trout add ability to do discard sends and make things basical...
2012-05-14 Matt S Trout slightly improve things
2012-05-14 Matt S Trout import initial sketch of Object::Remote