2013-12-23 Graham Knop Release commit for 2.000_000 v2.000_000
2013-12-23 Graham Knop clean up release tests
2013-12-23 Graham Knop remove useless author test
2013-12-23 Graham Knop fix de-dup test
2013-12-23 Graham Knop bump version
2013-12-23 Graham Knop update copywrite
2013-12-23 Graham Knop add self to contributors
2013-12-23 Graham Knop add mailmap
2013-12-23 Graham Knop update changelog
2013-12-23 Graham Knop typo fix
2013-12-23 Graham Knop document recommended use of $SHLVL
2013-12-23 Graham Knop use proper list in pod
2013-12-23 Graham Knop document limitations related to File::Spec
2013-12-23 Graham Knop return hash from installer_options_for for consistency
2013-12-23 Graham Knop tests shouldn't be executable
2013-12-14 Graham Knop document new methods
2013-12-14 Graham Knop remove unneeded method
2013-12-14 Graham Knop shelltype should be a parameter, not an attribute
2013-12-14 Graham Knop wrap some lines
2013-12-14 Graham Knop *_for methods should always take a path to activate
2013-12-14 Graham Knop test for shell output
2013-12-14 Graham Knop redo shell output to avoid empty var parts
2013-12-14 Graham Knop normalize path whenever possible, not only on activate
2013-12-14 Graham Knop be case insensitive checking for windows shells
2013-12-14 Graham Knop don't leave empty segments in paths in sh/csh
2013-12-14 Graham Knop fix precedence in csh extra vars output
2013-12-14 Graham Knop improve docs for powershell and csh
2013-12-14 Graham Knop properly escape characters in single value env vars
2013-12-14 Graham Knop silence cmd commands when used in batch file
2013-12-14 Graham Knop fix powershell output for use with invoke-expression
2013-12-14 Graham Knop fix conditional to skip unchanged vars
2013-12-14 Graham Knop don't bake paths if activating already active path
2013-12-14 Graham Knop don't bake lists if not asked to remove anything
2013-12-14 Graham Knop fix cmd and powershell output
2013-12-14 Graham Knop fix uninit warnings
2013-12-14 Graham Knop move win32 path shortening back to correct location
2013-12-14 Graham Knop detect powershell
2013-12-14 Graham Knop test that junk added to ROOT doesn't end up in active_paths
2013-12-14 Graham Knop still return $self if deactivating bad dir
2013-12-14 Graham Knop remove $interpolate option from docs of build_environme...
2013-12-14 Graham Knop add --no-create option
2013-12-14 Graham Knop documentation for shelltype option
2013-12-14 Graham Knop don't output env vars that are already set
2013-12-14 Graham Knop remove support for build_environment_vars_for's deactiv...
2013-12-14 Graham Knop support powershell rt#88062
2013-12-14 Graham Knop add shelltype option
2013-12-14 Graham Knop allow --deactivate= format for args
2013-12-14 Graham Knop replace brains
2013-12-14 Graham Knop don't blindly untaint @INC
2013-12-14 Graham Knop extract installer option generation to its own method
2013-12-14 Graham Knop don't try to remove arch dirs from environment, they...
2013-12-14 Graham Knop better diagnostics on taint test, and a failing case
2013-12-14 Graham Knop remove docs for install_base_arch_path
2013-12-14 Graham Knop fix some docs
2013-12-14 Graham Knop some pod fixes and cleanups
2013-12-12 Karen Etheridge revert to previous formatting
2013-11-30 Graham Knop load as few modules as is reasonable
2013-11-30 Graham Knop don't assume File::Path will be loaded in tests
2013-11-28 Graham Knop better bootstrapping test
2013-11-28 Graham Knop cope better when deactivating param not passed
2013-11-27 Graham Knop clean up bootstrapping test
2013-11-27 Graham Knop bootstrapping test
2013-11-27 Graham Knop note Distar conversion in changelog
2013-11-27 Graham Knop correct eumm version tests
2013-11-27 Graham Knop CPAN should be in META files
2013-11-27 Graham Knop convert to Distar
2013-11-20 Graham Knop don't try to create paths if we are deactivating
2013-11-06 Graham Knop protect install test from external environment 1.008026
2013-11-05 Graham Knop bump version to 1.008026 (stable)
2013-11-05 Graham Knop be compatible with perl 5.6
2013-11-01 Graham Knop bump version to 1.0080025 1.008025
2013-10-31 Graham Knop make stackable test immune to external local libs
2013-10-31 Graham Knop reverse order of PERL_LOCAL_LIB_ROOT to match standard...
2013-10-31 Matt Lawrence fix lib::core::only docs when combining with local...
2013-10-31 Graham Knop avoid warnings on unset CPAN settings, and de-dupe...
2013-10-31 Graham Knop adjust csh output to allow use directly by eval
2013-10-31 Graham Knop clarify that prefix warnings are about CPAN configuration
2013-10-30 Graham Knop fix up old changelog entry
2013-10-30 Graham Knop fix install script on cygwin
2013-10-30 Graham Knop better location for test temp files
2013-10-29 Graham Knop fix stackable test on windows
2013-10-28 Graham Knop bump version to 1.008024 1.008024
2013-10-28 Graham Knop add Win32 extra files to .gitignore
2013-10-28 Graham Knop bump ExtUtils::MakeMaker prerequisite to handle escapes...
2013-10-28 Graham Knop fix installing to directories with spaces and backslashes
2013-10-22 Graham Knop more reliable escaping in taint test
2013-10-22 Graham Knop ignore outer local::lib in test instead of coping with it
2013-10-22 Graham Knop be compatible with old Exporter
2013-10-19 Karen Etheridge bump version to 1.008023 (stable) 1.008023
2013-10-19 Karen Etheridge this message is not needed
2013-10-07 Karen Etheridge bump version to 1.008022 1.008022
2013-10-07 Karen Etheridge remove unix-style directory separator from regex (DOH!)
2013-10-04 Karen Etheridge bump version to 1.008021 1.008021
2013-10-04 Karen Etheridge yet more fixing escaping of backslashes in win32 paths...
2013-10-04 Karen Etheridge add a LICENSE file, and update the license text in pod
2013-10-03 Karen Etheridge bump version to 1.008020 1.008020
2013-10-03 Karen Etheridge whitespace cleanup
2013-10-03 Karen Etheridge enable warnings locally, rather than globally
2013-10-03 Karen Etheridge ensure all tests have a plan
2013-10-03 Karen Etheridge more diagnostics to help debug the *occasional* failure...