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2014-01-13 Graham Knop normalize changelog formatting
2014-01-03 Graham Knop Release commit for 2.000004 v2.000004
2014-01-02 Graham Knop update changelog
2013-12-30 Graham Knop Release commit for 2.000003 v2.000003
2013-12-30 Graham Knop update changelog
2013-12-25 Graham Knop Release commit for 2.000_002 v2.000_002
2013-12-25 Graham Knop update changelog
2013-12-23 Graham Knop Release commit for 2.000_001 v2.000_001
2013-12-23 Graham Knop update changelog
2013-12-23 Graham Knop Release commit for 2.000_000 v2.000_000
2013-12-23 Graham Knop update changelog
2013-12-12 Karen Etheridge revert to previous formatting
2013-11-27 Graham Knop note Distar conversion in changelog
2013-11-05 Graham Knop bump version to 1.008026 (stable)
2013-11-01 Graham Knop bump version to 1.0080025 1.008025
2013-10-30 Graham Knop fix up old changelog entry
2013-10-28 Graham Knop bump version to 1.008024 1.008024
2013-10-19 Karen Etheridge bump version to 1.008023 (stable) 1.008023
2013-10-07 Karen Etheridge bump version to 1.008022 1.008022
2013-10-07 Karen Etheridge remove unix-style directory separator from regex (DOH!)
2013-10-04 Karen Etheridge bump version to 1.008021 1.008021
2013-10-04 Karen Etheridge yet more fixing escaping of backslashes in win32 paths...
2013-10-03 Karen Etheridge bump version to 1.008020 1.008020
2013-10-03 Karen Etheridge fix escaping of backslashes in win32 paths in test
2013-09-29 Karen Etheridge bump version to 1.008019 1.008019
2013-09-29 Karen Etheridge changelog for trial release with test fixes
2013-09-15 Karen Etheridge bump version again 1.008018
2013-09-15 Karen Etheridge changelog
2013-09-14 Karen Etheridge bump version for release 1.008017
2013-09-14 Karen Etheridge avoid interpolation of backslashed chars in windows...
2013-09-13 Karen Etheridge bump version for release 1.008016
2013-09-13 Karen Etheridge quotemeta the path to avoid "Unrecognized escape \s...
2013-09-12 Karen Etheridge bump release to fix missing t/lib/ from MANIFEST 1.008015
2013-09-12 Karen Etheridge bump version for release 1.008014
2013-09-12 Karen Etheridge move mk_temp_dir into a lib so we can reuse it
2013-09-12 Karen Etheridge bump version for release 1.008013
2013-09-12 Karen Etheridge oops, some of these variables aren't always initialized
2013-09-11 Karen Etheridge bump version for release
2013-09-10 Karen Etheridge RT#76661: work properly in a taintperl environment
2013-09-10 Karen Etheridge more whitespace in Changes for readability
2013-07-27 Karen Etheridge bump version for release 1.008011
2013-07-27 Karen Etheridge changelog
2013-05-27 Karen Etheridge bump version for re-release, after syncing with the...
2013-05-27 Karen Etheridge changelog for undef split fix
2013-05-27 Chris Nehren Remove Carp::Always, 1.8.9 1.008009
2013-02-24 Chris Nehren 1.008008. Update the Changes file, remove some hard... 1.008008
2013-02-17 Matt S Trout Changelog reversion to stable 1.008004 plus carp fix 1.008007
2013-02-17 osfameron Patch for Carp version mismatch
2011-02-24 Chris Nehren And release 1.008004. 1.008004
2011-02-24 Chris Nehren 1.008003 with fixed stacking tests
2011-02-23 Chris Nehren release 1.008002.
2011-01-09 Chris Nehren bump files for 1.008001 release.
2011-01-08 David Golden Bootstrap Module::Build in Makefile.PL
2011-01-05 David Golden update Changes file
2010-12-10 Chris Nehren Chase M::B version for PERL_MB_OPT. Thanks, miyagawa.
2010-12-09 Torsten Raudssus Added guess_shelltype method, fixed documentation about... 1.006009
2010-11-17 Chris Nehren Move to PERL_MB_OPT from .modulebuildrc
2010-08-25 Torsten Raudssus Fixed rights
2010-08-12 Torsten Raudssus Pumped version, documented last undocumented method...
2010-08-12 Breno G. de Oliveira small typo fix on Changes file
2010-08-12 Torsten Raudssus Updated Changes, Changed methods look in documentation
2010-07-13 Torsten Raudssus Added support informations to the pod in both languages
2010-06-10 Torsten Raudssus I am an idiot
2010-06-10 Torsten Raudssus rm -rf podloc && cd POD2/
2010-06-10 Torsten Raudssus Updated Changes and version
2010-06-09 Torsten Raudssus corrected Changes
2010-06-09 Torsten Raudssus Added german translation
2010-06-09 Torsten Raudssus Hups... tabs arent spaces
2010-06-09 Torsten Raudssus Updated Changesfile
2010-03-31 matthewt delete broken --self-contained flag from core
2010-03-31 matthewt add lib::core::only module
2010-03-11 apeiron commit fixes that went into 1.005001
2010-03-10 apeiron Update the Changes file for release
2010-02-21 apeiron More robust handling of running new toolchains on older...
2010-02-18 apeiron Warnings for missing PATH/PERL5LIB (as when not running...
2010-02-14 apeiron Beginning of better docs for --self-contained courtesy...
2010-02-14 apeiron I apparently never actually committed these files. o_O
2009-12-01 apeiron And bump it again to 1.82 for an M::I API issue.
2009-12-01 apeiron bump requirement to work around error reported...
2009-10-28 t0m Fix warning from undef PERL5LIB
2009-10-16 t0m Revert 7790:7788, fix File::HomeDir instead.
2009-10-16 t0m Simpler. Technically less correct, but who cares.
2009-10-16 t0m Use CPAN::Version for version comparison if available...
2009-10-14 apeiron And update the Changes file, too.
2009-09-03 apeiron Doc changes thanks to
2009-09-02 t0m De-dup @INC and $ENV{PERL5LIB} entries
2009-08-26 apeiron roll-up of changes for 1.004005 and 1.004006 because...
2009-08-06 apeiron - Fix Win32 / Cygwin detection (emazep).
2009-08-02 t0m Damn slow lorries
2009-06-16 t0m Add ignoreprops everywhere. Update changes and bump...
2009-06-16 t0m Fix Makefile.PL if you have really really old CPAN...
2009-06-15 t0m Fix warning
2009-06-15 t0m Slightly cleanup @INC vs PERL5LIB handling in --self...
2009-06-15 apeiron Merged patches from Curtis Jewell <
2009-06-12 grink Fixed up INC untaint procedure to skip/ignore CODE...
2009-06-12 t0m grink's fixes for --self-contained
2009-05-22 apeiron Clean up's environment variable the same way...
2009-05-15 apeiron Check for bad options in CPAN config. Fix bootstrapping...
2009-05-13 apeiron Additional install tests from Hans Dieter Pearcey ...
2009-04-29 t0m doc patch from amiri in #catalyst