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last changeSun, 2 Feb 2014 12:03:13 +0000
2014-02-02 David Schmidt fix syntax issue in pod master
2013-12-13 Graham Knop add myself to contributors
2013-12-11 Matt S Trout fix changelog
2013-12-10 Graham Knop Release commit for 1.002000 v1.002000
2013-12-10 Graham Knop bump version
2013-09-27 Graham Knop add build_variant method on variable packages
2013-09-27 Graham Knop use different variable for target of initial import...
2013-09-27 Graham Knop fix pragmas from "importing" leaking into outer scopes
2013-09-17 David Steinbrunner typo fixes
2013-08-23 Karen Etheridge properly set v2 metadata!
2013-07-30 Karen Etheridge ensure we create a v2 meta file
2013-07-18 Karen Etheridge make changelog more readable, CPAN::Changes-compliant
2013-05-07 Karen Etheridge prevent future indexing attempts on "string" (in a...
2013-05-04 Karen Etheridge Release commit for 1.001004 v1.001004
2013-05-04 Karen Etheridge bump version for release
2013-05-04 Karen Etheridge s/build_variation_of/build_variant_of/g (RT#84554)
7 months ago v1.002000 release v1.002000
14 months ago v1.001004 release v1.001004
15 months ago v1.001003 release v1.001003
22 months ago v1.001002 release v1.001002
2 years ago v1.001001 release v1.001001
2 years ago v1.001000 release v1.001000
2 years ago v1.000000 release v1.000000
2 weeks ago named_variants
2 weeks ago doc_cleaning
5 months ago master
6 months ago cleanable
22 months ago extra_options