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last changeTue, 8 May 2018 15:05:52 +0000
2018-05-08 Graham Knop add travis config master
2017-07-13 Matt S Trout increment $VERSION after 1.000006 release
2017-07-13 Matt S Trout detrial v1.000006
2017-07-13 Matt S Trout add $_ aliasing
2015-08-08 Karen Etheridge load [ConfirmRelease] last, so all pre-release checks...
2015-08-08 Karen Etheridge include minimum perl version in prereqs
2015-06-09 Karen Etheridge increment $VERSION after 1.000005 release
2015-06-09 Karen Etheridge bump required version of [MakeMaker::Fallback], for... v1.000005
2015-06-07 Karen Etheridge only ship the files that are in git, rather than every... topic/config_improvements
2015-06-07 Karen Etheridge require the latest versions of the fallback plugins
2015-06-07 Karen Etheridge before release, affirm all files are committed, we...
2015-06-07 Karen Etheridge increment the $VERSION in the .pm after release and...
2015-06-07 Karen Etheridge tag the build and push it to the remote
2015-06-07 Karen Etheridge bump version to 1.000005
2015-06-07 Karen Etheridge add some repository, bugtracker and x_contributors...
2014-08-16 Matt S Trout release commit for 1.000004 1.000004 v1.000004
4 years ago v1.000006 v1.000006
6 years ago v1.000005 v1.000005-TRIAL
6 years ago v1.000004 release 1.000004
7 years ago 1.000004
7 years ago v1.000003
7 years ago v1.000001
7 years ago v0.009001
3 years ago master
6 years ago topic/eumm_6.17_trial
6 years ago topic/config_improvements