canonical repository moved to
[p5sagit/Module-Metadata.git] / maint /
2013-09-10 Karen Etheridge ensure authors properly generate META.* (see RT#85406)
2013-08-22 Karen Etheridge accomodate a single dot
2013-05-05 Karen Etheridge convert to using Distar
2012-12-22 Karen Etheridge no trailing whitespace
2010-12-10 David Golden add LICENSE when generating META.yml release_1.0.2
2010-07-10 Matt S Trout factor out author targets into a plain Makefile.include
2010-07-08 Matt S Trout fixup version bump to nuke Makefile, make Makefile...
2010-07-08 Matt S Trout move Author.PL to maint/Makefile.PL.include to prevent...
2010-07-08 Matt S Trout add bump-version utility for author-side work