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2014-04-06 Karen Etheridge canonical repository moved to master
2014-04-06 Karen Etheridge bump version for next release
2014-04-06 Karen Etheridge goodbye and!
2014-04-06 Karen Etheridge introduce tighter scopes for each test
2014-04-06 Karen Etheridge use bare filehandles rather than IO::File (patch from...
2014-03-14 Karen Etheridge use Test::More::is for better diagnostics on failure
2014-03-14 Karen Etheridge keep test cases in lists, rather than a hash, for consi...
2014-03-14 Karen Etheridge use bare filehandles rather than IO::File (patch from...
2014-03-14 Karen Etheridge correct spelling for "arisdottle"
2014-03-13 Karen Etheridge rename some variables for clarity
2014-03-13 Karen Etheridge refactor out _parse_file into the single caller
2014-03-13 Karen Etheridge whitespace fixes
2014-03-04 Graham Knop test for taint mode using perl 5.6 compatible method
2013-12-12 Karen Etheridge revert to previous formatting
2013-12-05 Karen Etheridge remove more unused MB cruft
2013-12-05 Karen Etheridge remove unused cruft inherited from Module-Build/t/lib...
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20 months ago v1.000016 release v1.000016
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23 months ago 1.000014 Version 1.000014
23 months ago v1.000013 release v1.000013
23 months ago v1.000012 release v1.000012
2 years ago release_1.0.10_003 version 1.0.10_003
2 years ago release_1.0.10_001 version 1.0.10_001
2 years ago release_1.0.10_002 version 1.0.10_002
2 years ago release_1.0.11 version 1.0.11
2 years ago release_1.0.10 release_1.0.10
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12 months ago master
13 months ago topic/dzilify
16 months ago topic/fix_provides_files
16 months ago topic/remove_more_mb_cruft
19 months ago topic/taint
19 months ago noxs
23 months ago fix/contains_pod
23 months ago fix/pod-after-__END__
2 years ago people/apeiron/remove-cargoculted-warning
2 years ago version-fallback