better diagnostics on warnings mismatch
[p5sagit/Eval-WithLexicals.git] / t /
2015-06-30 Graham Knop better diagnostics on warnings mismatch
2015-06-28 Graham Knop protect against empty string in PV
2014-06-13 Graham Knop correct error check with fatal warnings
2014-06-13 Graham Knop make hints test immune to perl -M options
2014-06-13 Graham Knop also preserve warnings
2014-06-13 Graham Knop use our own pragma for hints hash test
2014-06-13 Graham Knop correct hints test when running in git checkout
2011-07-04 David Leadbeater Add persistent hints
2011-01-03 Matt S Trout make anon subs work
2010-12-05 Matt S Trout add test to check non-capture of out of scope lexical
2010-12-04 Matt S Trout handle inner scope lexicals
2010-12-04 Matt S Trout initial import