better diagnostics on warnings mismatch
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2015-06-28 Graham Knop Release commit for 1.003003 v1.003003
2015-06-28 Graham Knop protect against empty string in PV
2014-12-23 Karen Etheridge Release commit for 1.003002 v1.003002
2014-12-22 Karen Etheridge changelog for RT#101086
2014-08-16 Graham Knop Release commit for 1.003001 v1.003001
2014-08-16 Graham Knop changelog
2014-06-13 Graham Knop Release commit for 1.003000 v1.003000
2014-06-13 Graham Knop header for changelog
2014-06-13 Graham Knop update changes
2012-02-10 Graham Knop add pod documentation to tinyrepl script
2011-07-04 David Leadbeater 1.002000 release v1.002000
2011-07-04 David Leadbeater Up Moo version requirement
2011-07-04 David Leadbeater Add persistent hints
2011-07-04 David Leadbeater Configurable prelude
2011-01-11 Matt S Trout correct time
2011-01-11 Matt S Trout 1.001000 release commit v1.001000
2011-01-11 David Leadbeater Add a #line directive to identify the source of an...
2011-01-03 Matt S Trout make anon subs work
2010-12-05 Matt S Trout Changes file