2008-08-06 Brian Cassidy changes file updated v0.14
2008-08-06 Brian Cassidy skip xml failure tests if XML::LibXML < 1.59 is install...
2008-08-05 Brian Cassidy release date + misc. v0.13
2008-08-05 Brian Cassidy line endings, tabs, perltidy.
2008-08-05 Brian Cassidy added a flatten_to_hash option to return a simple key...
2008-08-05 Brian Cassidy added a caveat regarding XML::Simple's strict mode...
2008-08-05 Brian Cassidy add parse error tests. ensure INI errors are trapped...
2008-07-23 Marcus Ramberg remove extra warn
2008-07-23 Marcus Ramberg Show actual parse errors
2008-04-07 Brian Cassidy revert remove of name() in Makefile.PL v0.12
2008-04-07 Brian Cassidy updated changes and makefile.pl for release
2008-02-07 Brian Cassidy remove eval so the Perl loader dies on invalid content.
2008-01-28 Brian Cassidy remove version section from pod v0.11
2008-01-28 Brian Cassidy forgot an ini file
2008-01-28 Brian Cassidy bump version
2008-01-28 Brian Cassidy fix for ini subsections (RT #32726), use from_json...
2007-12-12 Brian Cassidy minor doc update v0.10
2007-12-12 Brian Cassidy bump ver. update changes.
2007-11-14 Brian Cassidy remove each() from the docs v0.09_02
2007-11-13 Brian Cassidy update is_supported with YAML::Syck version
2007-11-13 Brian Cassidy require YAML::Syck 0.70 for multi-document loading
2007-11-13 Brian Cassidy a little cleanup before a dev release v0.09_01
2007-11-13 Brian Cassidy only check if a plugin is supported once we're sure...
2007-11-13 Brian Cassidy fix up changes a little
2007-11-13 Brian Cassidy don't bother with use_ext warning if force_plugins...
2007-11-13 Brian Cassidy added is_supported() to see what plugins we can use
2007-11-13 Brian Cassidy refactor _load(). fix an issue with use_ext => 0. use_e...
2007-11-08 Brian Cassidy more code updates, before i look in depth at the _load...
2007-11-08 Brian Cassidy more code cleanup
2007-11-08 Brian Cassidy some code and pod cleanups.
2007-11-08 Brian Cassidy perltidy
2007-11-08 Brian Cassidy auto generate README
2007-08-23 Brian Cassidy updated README v0.08
2007-08-23 Brian Cassidy fix date in changes
2007-08-23 Brian Cassidy doc + fetch driver_args for load_stems()
2007-08-23 Brian Cassidy added test for config options to Config::General
2007-08-23 Brian Cassidy minor cleanup -- pass args to XML::Simple
2007-08-23 Brian Cassidy added a simple cache to the perl parser so it can load...
2007-08-22 Brian Cassidy pass special config options to loaders
2007-08-22 Brian Cassidy distro work
2007-02-25 Joel Bernstein fixed bug: [rt.cpan.org #25143] make tests fails
2007-02-22 Joel Bernstein Removed Test::Exception line which was causing test...
2007-02-21 Joel Bernstein added support for:
2006-08-22 Joel Bernstein MANIFEST update v0.04
2006-08-22 Joel Bernstein added some branch exercising tests in 10-branches.t...
2006-08-22 Joel Bernstein fixed parser test to skip tests when dependent modules...
2006-08-22 Brian Cassidy removed duplicate test
2006-08-22 Brian Cassidy distro updates
2006-08-22 Joel Bernstein added test configs
2006-08-22 Joel Bernstein more files needed to create the dists, and tests
2006-08-22 Joel Bernstein fixed MANIFEST breakage
2006-08-22 Joel Bernstein fixed supporting files for release (MANIFEST, Build.PL)
2006-08-22 Joel Bernstein version numbers, updated Changes file
2006-08-22 Joel Bernstein lots of Config::Any fixes, brought in C::Any testsuite...
2006-08-18 Joel Bernstein Config::Any ready for release to CPAN
2006-08-09 Joel Bernstein Initial import of Config::Any (refactored from Catalyst...
2006-08-09 Matt S Trout created Config-Any dir