update repo address
[p5sagit/Config-Any.git] / t / conf /
2010-12-10 Brian Cassidy fix t/64-extfail.t to pass when t/lib is in @INC
2010-08-02 Rafael Kitover enable -ForceArray option by default for Config::General
2009-11-16 Brian Cassidy ensure XML loader's _coerce() method checks specificall...
2008-11-12 Brian Cassidy r37256@bricas-laptop (orig r8347): bricas | 2008...
2008-08-05 Brian Cassidy line endings, tabs, perltidy.
2008-08-05 Brian Cassidy add parse error tests. ensure INI errors are trapped...
2008-02-07 Brian Cassidy remove eval so the Perl loader dies on invalid content.
2008-01-28 Brian Cassidy forgot an ini file
2007-11-08 Brian Cassidy perltidy
2007-08-22 Brian Cassidy distro work
2007-02-21 Joel Bernstein added support for:
2006-08-22 Joel Bernstein added some branch exercising tests in 10-branches.t...
2006-08-22 Joel Bernstein added test configs