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[p5sagit/Config-Any.git] / t / 52-json.t
2017-04-09 Graham Knop always run all tests during release
2017-04-09 Graham Knop better diagnostics on test failures
2015-04-29 Russell Jenkins Test load_files throws parse errors when use_ext=1
2008-11-12 Brian Cassidy r37256@bricas-laptop (orig r8347): bricas | 2008...
2008-08-05 Brian Cassidy line endings, tabs, perltidy.
2008-08-05 Brian Cassidy add parse error tests. ensure INI errors are trapped...
2008-01-28 Brian Cassidy fix for ini subsections (RT #32726), use from_json...
2007-08-22 Brian Cassidy distro work
2006-08-22 Joel Bernstein more files needed to create the dists, and tests