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last changeTue, 18 Mar 2014 13:11:14 +0000
2014-03-18 Matt S Trout Release commit for 0.010001 master v0.010001
2014-03-18 Matt S Trout bump version
2014-03-18 Matt S Trout include lib/ in @INC for packlists_containing require...
2014-03-08 Graham Knop add to instead of overwriting PERL5OPT
2013-12-12 Karen Etheridge also include the relevant B version
2013-12-12 Karen Etheridge revert to previous formatting
2013-12-12 Karen Etheridge we have no dynamic configs
2013-11-27 David Steinbrunner typo fixes
2013-11-27 Graham Knop Release commit for 0.010000 v0.010000
2013-11-27 Graham Knop include line test extras in manifest
2013-11-27 Graham Knop bump version number
2013-11-27 Graham Knop add myself to contributors
2013-11-18 Graham Knop update changes for object hook and files method
2013-11-18 Graham Knop use more reasonable class name and protect against...
2013-11-18 Graham Knop whitespace and style cleanup
2013-11-18 Graham Knop add djerius to contributor list
4 months ago v0.010001 release v0.010001
8 months ago v0.010000 release v0.010000
12 months ago v0.009018 release v0.009018
14 months ago v0.009017 release v0.009017
15 months ago v0.009016 release v0.009016
15 months ago v0.009015 release v0.009015
15 months ago v0.009014 release v0.009014
18 months ago v0.009013 release v0.009013
18 months ago v0.009012 release v0.009012
22 months ago v0.009011 release v0.009011
22 months ago v0.009010 release v0.009010
23 months ago v0.009009 v0.9.9 (v0.009009)
23 months ago v0.9.9 v0.9.9 (v0.009009)
2 years ago v0.9.8
2 years ago v0.9.7
3 years ago v0.9.6 v0.9.6
2 weeks ago topic/core-only
6 weeks ago dolmen/skip-pod-files
6 weeks ago dolmen/GetoptLong-cleanup
2 months ago rrwo/warnings-fix
4 months ago master
12 months ago RT87352-packlist-paths-abs2rel
16 months ago fatpack-file-param-moves-shebang
2 years ago topic/no_lib_directory
3 years ago dg/data