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last changeTue, 21 Jul 2015 14:00:24 +0000
12 days ago Graham Knop changelog 5.6 fix master
13 days ago Graham Knop failure case for 5.6
13 days ago Graham Knop clean up temp usage in pack test
13 days ago Graham Knop test cleanup
13 days ago Graham Knop fix fatpacking for 5.6
2015-06-28 Graham Knop Release commit for 0.010004 v0.010004
2015-06-28 Graham Knop Bumping version to 0.010004
2015-06-28 Graham Knop add x_static_install
2015-06-28 Graham Knop changelog test fixes
2015-06-28 Graham Knop gitignore trace file
2015-06-28 Graham Knop close trace file when done with it, so unlink works...
2015-06-28 Graham Knop ensure trace file is empty before tracing in test
2015-06-28 Graham Knop fix order of got vs expected in trace test
2015-04-17 Matt S Trout Release commit for 0.010003 v0.010003
2015-04-17 Matt S Trout move to a sensible place so the MANIFEST picks...
2015-04-17 Matt S Trout bump version
5 weeks ago v0.010004 release v0.010004
3 months ago v0.010003 release v0.010003
11 months ago v0.010002 release v0.010002
16 months ago v0.010001 release v0.010001
20 months ago v0.010000 release v0.010000
2 years ago v0.009018 release v0.009018
2 years ago v0.009017 release v0.009017
2 years ago v0.009016 release v0.009016
2 years ago v0.009015 release v0.009015
2 years ago v0.009014 release v0.009014
2 years ago v0.009013 release v0.009013
2 years ago v0.009012 release v0.009012
2 years ago v0.009011 release v0.009011
2 years ago v0.009010 release v0.009010
2 years ago v0.009009 v0.9.9 (v0.009009)
2 years ago v0.9.9 v0.9.9 (v0.009009)
12 days ago master
12 months ago topic/core-only
13 months ago dolmen/skip-pod-files
13 months ago dolmen/GetoptLong-cleanup
15 months ago rrwo/warnings-fix
2 years ago RT87352-packlist-paths-abs2rel
2 years ago fatpack-file-param-moves-shebang
3 years ago topic/no_lib_directory
4 years ago dg/data