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last changeTue, 15 Sep 2015 12:55:33 +0000
2015-09-15 Graham Knop require Test::More 0.82 for note() master
2015-07-21 Graham Knop changelog 5.6 fix
2015-07-21 Graham Knop failure case for 5.6
2015-07-21 Graham Knop clean up temp usage in pack test
2015-07-21 Graham Knop test cleanup
2015-07-21 Graham Knop fix fatpacking for 5.6
2015-06-28 Graham Knop Release commit for 0.010004 v0.010004
2015-06-28 Graham Knop Bumping version to 0.010004
2015-06-28 Graham Knop add x_static_install
2015-06-28 Graham Knop changelog test fixes
2015-06-28 Graham Knop gitignore trace file
2015-06-28 Graham Knop close trace file when done with it, so unlink works...
2015-06-28 Graham Knop ensure trace file is empty before tracing in test
2015-06-28 Graham Knop fix order of got vs expected in trace test
2015-04-17 Matt S Trout Release commit for 0.010003 v0.010003
2015-04-17 Matt S Trout move to a sensible place so the MANIFEST picks...
5 months ago v0.010004 release v0.010004
7 months ago v0.010003 release v0.010003
15 months ago v0.010002 release v0.010002
20 months ago v0.010001 release v0.010001
2 years ago v0.010000 release v0.010000
2 years ago v0.009018 release v0.009018
2 years ago v0.009017 release v0.009017
2 years ago v0.009016 release v0.009016
2 years ago v0.009015 release v0.009015
2 years ago v0.009014 release v0.009014
2 years ago v0.009013 release v0.009013
2 years ago v0.009012 release v0.009012
3 years ago v0.009011 release v0.009011
3 years ago v0.009010 release v0.009010
3 years ago v0.009009 v0.9.9 (v0.009009)
3 years ago v0.9.9 v0.9.9 (v0.009009)
2 months ago master
16 months ago topic/core-only
17 months ago dolmen/skip-pod-files
17 months ago dolmen/GetoptLong-cleanup
18 months ago rrwo/warnings-fix
2 years ago RT87352-packlist-paths-abs2rel
2 years ago fatpack-file-param-moves-shebang
3 years ago topic/no_lib_directory
4 years ago dg/data