2010-02-09 Dave Rolsky smolder is now in main Moose repo master
2010-02-09 Tomas Doran Add MooseX::MetaDescription to the list to smolder
2009-10-05 Dave Rolsky Remove a few no-longer-maintained modules from our...
2009-09-14 Dave Rolsky Add namespace::autoclean to smoke list
2009-09-10 Jesse Luehrs use 'make test' rather than 'prove'
2009-09-09 Jesse Luehrs add a bunch more modules to the smolder list
2009-08-19 Dave Rolsky Run tests recursively.
2009-08-13 Dave Rolsky Remove File::Path
2009-07-22 Hans Dieter... move module list out into its own file for ease-of...
2009-07-21 Shawn M Moore env perl finds the right perl :)
2009-07-03 Dave Rolsky Run tests with prove under run3 so we can capture the...
2009-05-16 Shawn M Moore Remove empty space :)
2009-05-16 Shawn M Moore Add missing '
2009-05-16 Shawn M Moore Attempt "subtype" with auto ; placement
2009-05-12 Jesse Luehrs better remove empty line function
2009-05-10 Shawn M Moore First stab at sticking a useful default into the packag...
2009-05-10 Shawn M Moore Fixes for extends and RemoveEmptySuperClass
2009-05-10 Shawn M Moore prole snippet
2009-05-10 Shawn M Moore role snippet
2009-05-07 Dave Rolsky Merge branch 'master' of
2009-05-07 Dave Rolsky fix so it actually reports success when we have it
2009-05-05 Shawn M Moore s/$orig/<{$next}>/ :)
2009-05-05 Shawn M Moore doy has done more work on this by now
2009-05-05 Shawn M Moore Avoid function redefined warnings
2009-05-05 Shawn M Moore Remove the empty line in "has" and "hasl" if you just...
2009-05-05 Shawn M Moore Remove LazyBuilder, SnippetsEmu already handles this...
2009-05-05 Jesse Luehrs add before and after snippets
2009-05-05 Jesse Luehrs more readable moose snippets
2009-05-04 Shawn M Moore around snippet
2009-05-04 Shawn M Moore Tabstop on type constraints
2009-05-04 Shawn M Moore Give class an optional "extends"
2009-05-04 Shawn M Moore Add extends "SuperClass"; to the class snippet
2009-05-04 Shawn M Moore Add vim/moose_snippets.vim
2009-04-27 Dave Rolsky Oops, left in a little hack I was using
2009-04-27 Dave Rolsky Add Catalyst to list of modules to test, now that it...
2009-04-27 Dave Rolsky Add KiokuDB to smoke list.
2009-04-25 Dave Rolsky add cpan-stable-smolder