2010-02-26 gfx Simplify error check routines in XS
2010-02-26 gfx Implement install_subroutines in XS
2010-02-26 gfx Introduce install_subroutines() to reduce direct stash...
2010-02-26 gfx Make roles smarter
2010-02-26 gfx Fix a typo
2010-02-26 gfx Add an example for Mouse error checking
2010-02-26 gfx Use @CARP_NOT instead of %Carp::Internal
2010-02-26 gfx More tests for strict constructor
2010-02-26 gfx Tidy _generate_destructor
2010-02-26 gfx Move method modifier manipulators into XS
2010-02-26 gfx Tidy the pp constructor generator
2010-02-23 gfx Remove extra spaces and comments; no functionality...
2010-02-23 gfx Clean up warnings
2010-02-23 gfx Refactor get_linear_isa()
2010-02-23 gfx Remove a fat semicolon
2010-02-23 gfx Move is_valid_class_name into XS
2010-02-23 gfx Export load_class and is_class_loaded to the Mouse...
2010-02-23 gfx Make Mouse::Util::load_class return the argument class...
2010-02-22 gfx Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_03... 0.50_03
2010-02-22 gfx Fix docs. The phrases "Fewer than 1%" and "over 96...
2010-02-22 gfx Resolve a todo: if you set both 'isa' and 'does' on...
2010-02-22 gfx Tidy delegation routine
2010-02-22 gfx Optimize Method::Delegation
2010-02-22 gfx Mention to MouseX::NativeTraits
2010-02-22 gfx Make editors happy.
2010-02-22 gfx Don't set package_defined_in automatically, because...
2010-02-22 gfx Fix a possible segv on DESTROY
2010-02-22 gfx Implement the built-in type hierarchy
2010-02-22 gfx Skip tests for strict constructor on Moose
2010-02-20 gfx Add a benchmark for strict constructors
2010-02-20 gfx Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_02... 0.50_02
2010-02-20 gfx Add tests for strict constructors
2010-02-20 gfx Work around 5.6.2 warnings
2010-02-20 gfx Add make_immutable to the SYNOPSIS
2010-02-20 gfx Changelogging
2010-02-20 gfx Implement strict constructors, which will warn unkown...
2010-02-19 gfx Add prototypes
2010-02-19 gfx Changelogging
2010-02-19 gfx Add argument currying for delegation
2010-02-19 gfx Resolve several failing tests
2010-02-19 gfx Add assert_valid() to Meta::TypeConstraint
2010-02-19 gfx Add type_parameter() and __is_parameterized() to Meta...
2010-02-14 gfx Update Changes
2010-02-13 gfx Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50_01... 0.50_01
2010-02-13 gfx Changelogging
2010-02-13 gfx Mouse::Meta::Attribute->new warns about unknown, or...
2010-02-13 gfx Fix a typo
2010-02-13 gfx Refactor Meta::TypeConstraint
2010-02-13 gfx Fix tool/ to replace...
2010-02-12 gfx Add tests for traits
2010-02-12 gfx Add an arg check to appply_metaroles()
2010-02-12 gfx Revert "Add todo tests: mouse_extends_moose.t"
2010-02-10 gfx Add todo tests: mouse_extends_moose.t
2010-02-10 gfx Changelogging
2010-02-10 gfx Support the global destruction flag in DEMOLISH()
2010-02-10 gfx Update tests
2010-02-09 gfx Add a DB::sub test to xt/
2010-02-09 gfx Update pod_spell.t
2010-02-09 gfx Make add_method update %DB::sub for profilers
2010-02-09 gfx Update example/
2010-02-08 gfx Update docs for metaroles
2010-02-08 gfx Update document
2010-02-08 gfx Resolve a failing test: method_modifier_with_regexp
2010-02-08 gfx Support modifier by regexp
2010-02-08 gfx Reduce duplicated code
2010-02-08 gfx Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.50... 0.50
2010-02-08 gfx The default maxdepth of 'dump' method is now 3, instead...
2010-02-08 gfx Correct 'does' method
2010-02-08 gfx Simplify Mouse::Meta::Role::Composite::_apply_methods()
2010-02-08 gfx Add Mouse::Util::quoted_english_list()
2010-02-08 gfx $tc->coerce() throws an error if it has no coercion...
2010-02-08 gfx Add method decls in meta type constraint class.
2010-02-08 gfx Apply a patch contributed by chocolateboy (RT #54383...
2010-02-06 gfx Changelogging
2010-02-06 gfx Use new API for metaroles
2010-02-05 gfx Catch up to Moose 0.94 metaroles
2010-02-05 gfx Resolve a todo
2010-02-05 gfx Make several role attribute tests todo
2010-02-05 gfx Remove some todos in tests
2010-02-05 gfx The Mouse dist does no longer include Test::Exception...
2010-02-05 gfx Refactor mouse_get_xa()
2010-02-05 gfx Mouse::Tiny shouldn't include Test::Mouse
2010-02-05 gfx Make Mouse::Tiny smaller
2010-02-03 gfx Change a terminology; s/applicant/consumer/;
2010-02-02 gfx Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.49... 0.49
2010-02-02 gfx Fix a memory leak in generate_isa_predicate_for()
2010-02-02 gfx Optimize coercion
2010-02-02 gfx Use mouse_name instead of literals
2010-02-02 gfx Fix RT #54203 (reported by chocolateboy) that setters...
2010-01-31 gfx Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.48... 0.48
2010-01-31 gfx Changelogging
2010-01-31 gfx Remove imcompatible tests
2010-01-31 gfx More tests for magic handling
2010-01-31 gfx Fix magic handling in type constraints (reported by...
2010-01-16 gfx Use Mouse::Object::BUILDARGS, because it's safe and...
2010-01-16 gfx Improve Makefile.PL not to test Moose compatibility...
2010-01-16 gfx Fix the class for init_meta()
2010-01-15 gfx Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.47... 0.47
2010-01-15 gfx Fix a typo in docs
2010-01-15 gfx Add conflicting checks to Makefile.PL