Resolve a todo: if you set both 'isa' and 'does' on an attribute, the 'isa' must...
[gitmo/Mouse.git] / xs-src / MouseAttribute.xs
2010-02-22 gfx Resolve a todo: if you set both 'isa' and 'does' on...
2010-02-08 gfx $tc->coerce() throws an error if it has no coercion...
2010-02-05 gfx Refactor mouse_get_xa()
2010-02-02 gfx Optimize coercion
2010-01-11 gfx Fix a typo
2010-01-11 gfx Use sv_true() instead of SvTRUE(), which is too large...
2010-01-11 gfx Move Mouse::Meta::Attribute::_process_options into XS
2009-12-03 gfx Rename a macro to define a class holder
2009-11-26 gfx Change class holders to simple readers
2009-11-17 gfx For Mouse::Util::MetaRole
2009-11-17 gfx Make some constants as class attributes
2009-11-16 gfx Fix default and weak stuff
2009-11-15 gfx Add _initialize_object()
2009-11-15 gfx Add mouse_get_xa()
2009-11-15 gfx XS constructor