Make add_method update %DB::sub for profilers
[gitmo/Mouse.git] / xs-src / Mouse.xs
2010-02-09 gfx Make add_method update %DB::sub for profilers
2010-02-02 gfx Optimize coercion
2010-02-02 gfx Fix RT #54203 (reported by chocolateboy) that setters...
2010-01-11 gfx Don't create scopes as much as possible
2010-01-11 gfx Fix a message
2010-01-11 gfx Use sv_true() instead of SvTRUE(), which is too large...
2010-01-09 gfx Move tied hash checks
2009-12-18 gfx Move is_immutable into XS
2009-12-18 gfx Fix BUILDALL in XS
2009-12-16 gfx Move BUILDALL and DEMOLISHALL into XS
2009-12-07 gfx Tiny optimization for DESTROY
2009-12-07 gfx Remove has_package_symbol and add_package_symbol
2009-12-03 gfx Fix a meta slot name
2009-12-03 gfx Rename a macro to define a class holder
2009-12-03 gfx Tidy
2009-12-03 gfx No duplication
2009-11-28 gfx Port (get|has)_package_symbol from Class::MOP
2009-11-28 gfx Fix add_method to accept overloaded CODE references...
2009-11-26 gfx Change class holders to simple readers
2009-11-26 gfx Add a comment
2009-11-17 gfx For Mouse::Util::MetaRole
2009-11-17 gfx Tidy
2009-11-17 gfx Remove a debugging method
2009-11-17 gfx Make some constants as class attributes
2009-11-17 gfx Make some functions static
2009-11-16 gfx Name subroutines in add_method()
2009-11-16 gfx DEMOLISH to XS
2009-11-16 gfx Add mouse_initialize_metaclass()
2009-11-16 gfx Revert "Change inline_constructor => 0"
2009-11-16 gfx Add Mouse::Object::new in XS
2009-11-16 gfx Fix BUILDARGS logic
2009-11-16 gfx Fix a typo in the code
2009-11-16 gfx Change inline_constructor => 0
2009-11-15 gfx Add _initialize_object()
2009-11-15 gfx Add mouse_get_xa()
2009-11-15 gfx Add $ignore_triggers option to _initialize_object()
2009-11-15 gfx Use new[HA]V_mortal()
2009-11-15 gfx XS constructor
2009-11-04 gfx Tweaks for speed
2009-11-04 gfx Refactor XS metaclass object structure
2009-11-03 gfx Tiny optimization
2009-11-03 gfx Implement get_all_attributes in XS
2009-11-03 gfx Shut up a warning "DPPP_newSVpvn_flags defined but...
2009-11-03 gfx Move XS Meta::Constraint stuff to the correct place
2009-11-01 gfx Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.40_04... 0.40_04
2009-11-01 gfx Use shortnames for mouse_instance_*
2009-10-31 gfx Refactor generate_isa_predicate_for-related stuff
2009-10-31 gfx Re-organize xs-src/
2009-10-31 gfx s/_generate_isa_predicte_for/generate_isa_predicate_for...
2009-10-31 gfx Change is-a predicate stuff
2009-10-27 gfx Make is_class_loaded without any arguments fail loudly
2009-10-27 gfx Tiny optimization
2009-10-27 gfx Fix Mouse.xs
2009-10-27 gfx Move add_method into XS
2009-10-26 gfx Split accessor generators into and Delegati...
2009-10-26 gfx Implement a class_type generator
2009-10-25 gfx Ensure backward compatibility
2009-10-25 gfx Implement XS accessor generators
2009-10-25 gfx built-in type constraints in XS
2009-10-24 gfx _get_code_ref() and get_linear_isa() in XS
2009-10-24 gfx Move ::Meta::Module::namespace into XS
2009-10-24 gfx Move accessors into XS
2009-10-24 gfx Add first XS implementation