Fix docs. The phrases "Fewer than 1%" and "over 96%" are very confusing, so I removed...
[gitmo/Mouse.git] / t /
2010-02-22 gfx Resolve a todo: if you set both 'isa' and 'does' on...
2010-02-22 gfx Optimize Method::Delegation
2010-02-22 gfx Fix a possible segv on DESTROY
2010-02-22 gfx Skip tests for strict constructor on Moose
2010-02-20 gfx Add tests for strict constructors
2010-02-20 gfx Work around 5.6.2 warnings
2010-02-19 gfx Add argument currying for delegation
2010-02-19 gfx Resolve several failing tests
2010-02-19 gfx Add assert_valid() to Meta::TypeConstraint
2010-02-19 gfx Add type_parameter() and __is_parameterized() to Meta...
2010-02-12 gfx Add tests for traits
2010-02-12 gfx Revert "Add todo tests: mouse_extends_moose.t"
2010-02-10 gfx Add todo tests: mouse_extends_moose.t
2010-02-10 gfx Update tests
2010-02-08 gfx Resolve a failing test: method_modifier_with_regexp
2010-02-05 gfx Resolve a todo
2010-02-05 gfx Make several role attribute tests todo
2010-02-05 gfx Remove some todos in tests
2010-02-02 gfx Fix RT #54203 (reported by chocolateboy) that setters...
2010-01-31 gfx Remove imcompatible tests
2010-01-31 gfx More tests for magic handling
2010-01-31 gfx Fix magic handling in type constraints (reported by...
2010-01-11 gfx Merge clearer.t and predicate.t to predicate-and-clearer.t
2010-01-11 gfx Merge default-code.t to default.t
2010-01-11 gfx Merge extends.t and auto-subclass.t into subclass.t
2010-01-11 gfx Merge some tests to one file
2010-01-09 gfx Fix Str() and ScalarRef()
2010-01-09 gfx Apply a patch to support handle => sub { ... }, contrib...
2010-01-09 gfx Revert "Add a test file for RT #53286"
2010-01-09 gfx CRLF to LF
2010-01-02 Goro Fuji Add a test file for RT #53286
2010-01-02 Goro Fuji Replace CRLF to LF with all the files
2009-12-19 gfx Tweaks for 5.6.2 0.45
2009-12-19 gfx Fix an issue that anonymous type constraint can't be...
2009-12-18 gfx Lazy load for Delegation class
2009-12-18 gfx Add tests for BUILDALL/DEMOLISHALL
2009-12-18 gfx Rename for portability to resolve RT #52828
2009-12-16 gfx Add tests for get_value etc
2009-12-09 gfx Add a test file for duck_type
2009-12-09 gfx More robust tests for threads
2009-12-09 gfx Improve enum to accept "enum($name, $arrayref)" constru...
2009-12-08 gfx Add Test::Mouse
2009-12-07 gfx Remove has_package_symbol and add_package_symbol
2009-12-05 gfx Fix tests
2009-12-04 gfx Add tests for magical vars and hash iterators
2009-12-03 gfx Add a test for C3 classes
2009-12-03 gfx Add meta() method to method metaclasses
2009-12-03 gfx Add some tests
2009-12-03 gfx Resolve skipped tests (for 5.6.2)
2009-11-26 gfx Add new test files
2009-11-26 gfx Add a constant, MOUSE_XS
2009-11-26 gfx Remove method list without explanations
2009-11-18 gfx Tidy
2009-11-17 gfx Fix many 0.40_07
2009-11-17 gfx Resolve two "failing" tests
2009-11-17 gfx Resolve a "failing" test
2009-11-17 gfx Remove a resolved test
2009-11-17 gfx Resolve 013_metaclass_traits.t, but not completed
2009-11-17 gfx TODO
2009-11-17 gfx Resolve 015_metarole.t
2009-11-17 gfx Import t/050_metaclass from Moose
2009-11-17 gfx Now handles => qr/regex/ is supported
2009-11-17 gfx Add tests for constructor_class/destructor_class as...
2009-11-17 gfx Add tests for accessor robusity
2009-11-17 gfx Add threading tests
2009-11-16 gfx Add a test for weakref stuff
2009-11-16 gfx Skip extending tests
2009-11-16 gfx Revert "Change inline_constructor => 0"
2009-11-16 gfx No -T in tests
2009-11-16 gfx Change inline_constructor => 0
2009-11-12 gfx Add BUILDARGS tests
2009-11-03 gfx BUILDALL and DEMOLISHALL are no longer called by the...
2009-11-01 gfx Delete a duplicated test file and add a new test file...
2009-11-01 gfx Add memory leak tests for type constraints and accessors
2009-10-30 gfx Add tests for or-combination operator
2009-10-30 gfx Add comment to 810-isa-or.t
2009-10-29 gfx Fix a test: is_class_loaded without arguments throws...
2009-10-27 gfx Resolve a failing test
2009-10-27 gfx Resolve a failing test
2009-10-26 gfx Fix a test
2009-10-25 gfx Report $Mouse::VERSION and the backend (Pure Perl or...
2009-10-24 gfx Move accessors into XS
2009-10-24 gfx Fix load.t
2009-10-24 gfx Fix load.t
2009-10-24 gfx Lazy load Mouse::Meta::Role
2009-10-21 gfx Fix a typo in a test
2009-10-21 gfx Rename 800_shikabased/*.t to 001_mouse/8*.t (suggested...
2009-10-19 gfx Modernize some tests
2009-10-19 gfx Add tests for subtyping issue
2009-10-19 gfx Resolve some tests
2009-10-19 gfx Import tc tests
2009-10-13 gfx Add a test for RT #50421
2009-10-12 gfx Resolve a todo
2009-10-12 gfx Resolve a 'failing' test
2009-10-12 gfx Resolve a 'failing' test, although it has some TODOs
2009-10-10 gfx Import Moose/t/100_bugs
2009-10-10 gfx Move t/100_with_moose t/810_with_moose
2009-10-10 gfx Move t/*/t into t/001_mouse
2009-10-09 gfx Fix a test for ancient perls
2009-10-09 gfx Add 4 recipe tests