Make Mouse::Util::load_class return the argument class name, which can remove several...
[gitmo/Mouse.git] / author /
2009-11-17 gfx Add a benchmark script
2009-11-17 gfx Move build tools to tool/
2009-11-16 gfx Print the status code in the profiling script
2009-11-01 gfx Skip compatible test for Mouse::PurePerl
2009-10-31 gfx Fix a typo in
2009-10-31 gfx Include Mouse::PurePerl first
2009-10-26 gfx Improve author/
2009-10-25 gfx Repeat test with MOUSE_PUREPERL=1 in "make test", addin...
2009-10-25 gfx Tweaks for Makefile.PL
2009-10-24 gfx Fix
2009-10-13 gfx Improve
2009-10-09 gfx Print messages in generating Mouse::Tiny
2009-10-08 gfx must depend on only standard...
2009-10-08 gfx Fix author/ Now Mouse::Tiny...
2009-10-07 gfx Switch to Mouse::Exporter
2009-10-02 gfx Add MouseX::AttributeHelpers to author/
2009-09-28 gfx Add distributions to author/
2009-09-28 gfx Fix
2009-09-28 gfx Add author/ to test external distribut...
2009-09-25 gfx Add a profile script
2009-09-25 gfx Tidy
2009-07-03 Shawn M Moore Only unlink Mouse::Tiny if it exists, otherwise autodie...
2009-07-02 Shawn M Moore autodie in
2009-06-09 Tokuhiro Matsuno Mouse code has a lot of '{' and '}', q{} is dangerous.
2009-04-06 Tokuhiro Matsuno added benchmark script for C::A::Fast
2009-04-02 Tokuhiro Matsuno added benchmark case for setter, getter
2009-02-05 Shawn M Moore Don't need to filter out MouseX any more
2009-02-05 Shawn M Moore We no longer have shebangs in pm files, so stop removin...
2009-02-05 Shawn M Moore Don't put into Mouse::Tiny
2008-12-22 Shawn M Moore Only set @ARGV if it's empty
2008-12-22 Shawn M Moore Moose::Tiny is not the same as Mouse::Tiny
2008-12-21 Shawn M Moore Skip squirrel tests when munging s/Mouse/Moose/
2008-12-21 Shawn M Moore Add the script I've been using to munge tests to run...
2008-12-16 Shawn M Moore Don't put MouseX files into Mouse::Tiny
2008-12-09 Shawn M Moore Remove pointless shebang in each module
2008-12-07 Tokuhiro Matsuno skip temporary file for vim
2008-12-06 Tokuhiro Matsuno change directory structure
2008-12-06 Tokuhiro Matsuno added 'get' in benchmark script
2008-12-06 Tokuhiro Matsuno display module version in benchmark script
2008-12-06 Tokuhiro Matsuno added benchmark script
2008-09-28 Shawn M Moore Move generate-mouse-tiny into author/ so blib doesn...