2012-09-23 Karen Etheridge with_immutable needs to test both mutable and immutable...
2012-09-23 Karen Etheridge remove unneeded shebang
2012-09-23 Karen Etheridge ensure strict and warnings is always in effect
2012-09-23 Karen Etheridge generate the README from pod
2012-09-23 Karen Etheridge determine prereqs automatically
2012-09-23 Karen Etheridge CheckFor::Fixups doesn't understand our tag format
2012-09-23 Karen Etheridge more release-time checks and actions
2012-09-23 Karen Etheridge add more release tests
2012-09-23 Karen Etheridge add more metadata to the dist
2012-05-03 Karen Etheridge v0.17 v0.17
2012-05-03 Karen Etheridge fix [Test::CheckDeps] version specification
2012-05-03 Karen Etheridge pre-release tests for fixup/squash, and the correct...
2012-05-03 Karen Etheridge add metadata, for faster diagnoses of future build...
2012-05-02 Karen Etheridge v0.16 v0.16
2012-05-02 Karen Etheridge dep on the plugin version that injects its prereqs
2012-05-02 Karen Etheridge dep on the plugin version that injects its prereqs
2012-05-02 Karen Etheridge v0.15 v0.15
2012-05-02 Karen Etheridge doh, DZPTCD doesnt inject its prereqs
2012-05-02 Karen Etheridge v0.14 v0.14
2012-05-02 Karen Etheridge changelog for 0.14
2012-04-12 Karen Etheridge auto versioning; git release pipeline
2012-04-11 Karen Etheridge added missing release dates; re-enabling these release...
2012-04-11 Karen Etheridge some more tests - because who doesnt like tests?
2012-03-25 Karen Etheridge automatically update release version and datetime in...
2012-03-25 Karen Etheridge more tightening up of TODO scopes 0.13 v0.13
2012-03-25 Karen Etheridge do not ship this content again!
2012-03-25 Karen Etheridge standard MANIFEST.SKIP, from not-yet-released version...
2012-03-25 Karen Etheridge another TODO note, re crazy init_arg strings
2012-03-25 Karen Etheridge more tightening up of TODO test cases, for later invest...
2012-03-25 Karen Etheridge fixed: immutable class with undef-tolerant TC should...
2012-03-25 Karen Etheridge Another TODO note, to go with the CAVEATS
2012-03-25 Karen Etheridge fix typo - was testing the wrong class here and missing...
2012-03-25 Karen Etheridge rename these tests to "basic", and test both mutable...
2012-03-24 Karen Etheridge Prevent all attribute initializers from seeing the...
2012-03-24 Karen Etheridge improve wording - the bad code is actually _inline_slot...
2012-03-24 Karen Etheridge use with_immutable and tighter TODO scope to run more...
2012-03-24 Karen Etheridge changelog for changes made so far
2012-03-24 Karen Etheridge whitespace
2012-03-24 Karen Etheridge strict/warnings, and explanatory comments
2012-03-11 Karen Etheridge better test descriptions topic/mxcae
2012-03-11 Karen Etheridge pulled these test cases into a separate lib so they...
2012-03-11 Karen Etheridge use with_immutable and tighter TODO scope to run more...
2012-03-11 Karen Etheridge improve test by testing for explicit exception message
2012-03-10 Karen Etheridge bump version; be more specific with phase prereqs
2011-04-04 Dave Rolsky Add tests for more role use cases 0.12
2011-04-04 Dave Rolsky Doc use of module in roles
2011-04-04 Dave Rolsky Need to capture new class/role after applying metaroles
2011-04-04 Dave Rolsky Bump version
2011-04-04 Dave Rolsky Changes for 0.12
2011-04-04 Jesse Luehrs make this work in roles
2011-04-04 Jesse Luehrs these version checks already happen in the exporter
2011-03-19 Karen Etheridge 0.11 release to fix crazy errors that somehow the tests... 0.11
2011-03-18 Karen Etheridge there could be mroe than one ternary operator
2011-03-18 Karen Etheridge doc typo
2011-03-18 Karen Etheridge fix timestamps - looks like the date isn't added automa... 0.10
2011-03-18 Karen Etheridge bump revision to 0.10
2011-03-18 Karen Etheridge doc updates and changelog for less undef tolerance
2011-03-17 Karen Etheridge update repository info now that we are on shadowcat
2011-03-16 Karen Etheridge remove files and dirs from old build pipeline from...
2011-03-16 Karen Etheridge dir to stuff my misc todo notes etc in
2011-03-15 Karen Etheridge fix whitespace
2011-03-14 Karen Etheridge do not use Undef-Tolerant behaviour on attributes that...
2011-03-14 Karen Etheridge better Test::Fatal tests
2011-03-14 Karen Etheridge make defaults.t a bit more modular
2011-03-14 Dave Rolsky Update README based on latest pod
2011-03-14 Dave Rolsky Remove Signature plugin
2011-03-14 Dave Rolsky Dzilize this distro
2011-03-02 Dave Rolsky bump version to 0.09 0.09
2011-03-02 Dave Rolsky Changes for 0.09
2011-03-02 Dave Rolsky Require Test::Fatal
2011-02-27 Dave Rolsky bump version to 0.08
2011-02-27 Dave Rolsky Add release version and date
2011-02-27 Dave Rolsky Add forward compat change
2011-02-27 Dave Rolsky Code for forward compat with Moose 1.99+
2010-11-10 Cory Watson These are the words that I manifest.
2010-11-03 Karen Etheridge Changes update, and add test dependency on Test::Fatal
2010-11-03 Karen Etheridge add note about current limitations of usage.
2010-11-03 Karen Etheridge rename a variable, to make it more clear that we are...
2010-11-03 Karen Etheridge also test immutable classes using existing constructor...
2010-11-03 Karen Etheridge comment update
2010-11-03 Karen Etheridge rename t/attribute.t -> t/constructor.t -- more explana...
2010-11-03 Karen Etheridge new tests for default behaviour, using classes in first...
2010-11-03 Karen Etheridge new .gitignore file, stolen from Moose repo
2010-11-03 Karen Etheridge more robust testing of construction behaviour; labelled...
2010-10-21 Cory Watson Save some work, thanks Chip. 0.07
2010-10-11 Cory Watson Version bump and docs 0.06
2010-10-11 Cory Watson Update MANIFEST and fix up some docs.
2010-10-09 Chris Andrews Note that you can avoid having to add this module to...
2010-10-09 Chris Andrews Be more careful avoiding warnings when the init_arg...
2010-10-08 Chris Andrews Add support for immutable classes, by adjusting the...
2010-10-08 Chris Andrews Failing test showing that UndefTolerant fails with...
2010-07-19 Dave Rolsky Changes for next release
2010-07-19 Dave Rolsky Use newer MetaRole API
2010-01-23 Cory Watson Make default work properly.
2009-12-12 Cory Watson Dep twiddling
2009-12-02 Cory Watson Fix.
2009-12-01 Cory Watson Jeez, I hate misnaming.
2009-12-01 Cory Watson and more
2009-12-01 Cory Watson release prep
2009-12-01 Cory Watson POD