2013-09-14 Karen Etheridge move repository to master
2013-09-14 Toby Inkster empty commit for contributors metadata (re RT#84547)
2013-09-14 Karen Etheridge properly handle unicode in upper/lowercase types
2013-09-14 Karen Etheridge SingleDigit now accepts [-9 .. 9] not [1 .. 9]
2013-09-14 Karen Etheridge add (author-only) warning tests
2013-09-14 Karen Etheridge remove needless use of Capture::Tiny
2013-09-14 Karen Etheridge remove needless use of moose attributes when testing
2013-09-14 Karen Etheridge this test is redundant with t/00-compile.t
2013-09-14 Karen Etheridge fix spelling, whitespace, unused vars release test...
2013-09-14 Karen Etheridge convert to Dist::Zilla
2013-09-14 Karen Etheridge remove unneeded shebangs
2013-07-18 Karen Etheridge make changelog more readable, CPAN::Changes-compliant
2012-06-14 Karen Etheridge prep for release 0.001008 v0.001008
2012-06-14 Karen Etheridge Merge branch 'topic/string_case_types'
2012-06-14 Karen Etheridge Upper and Lower types should accept nonalphabetic chara... topic/string_case_types
2012-06-14 Karen Etheridge explicitly test \n in non-simple strs
2012-02-23 Justin Hunter changes 0.001007
2012-02-23 Justin Hunter bump version
2012-02-23 Justin Hunter no more Test::Exception
2012-02-21 Justin Hunter changes 0.001006
2012-02-21 Justin Hunter bump version
2012-02-21 Justin Hunter pod fix per RT #75168
2012-02-20 Justin Hunter bump version 0.001005
2012-02-20 Justin Hunter changes
2012-02-20 Justin Hunter RT #74346
2011-12-06 Justin Hunter bump version 0.001004
2011-12-06 Justin Hunter update Changes
2011-12-06 Justin Hunter add upper/lowercase for SimpleStr and Str
2011-12-06 Justin Hunter update README (pod2text)
2011-12-06 Justin Hunter use Test::Fatal instead of Test::Exception
2011-08-31 Justin Hunter bump version 0.001003
2011-08-31 Justin Hunter add release date/time
2011-08-31 Dave Rolsky Changes for next release
2011-08-31 Dave Rolsky Add release date for 0.001002
2011-08-31 Dave Rolsky Add OrZero types for numbers
2011-08-31 Dave Rolsky Zero is not negative or positive
2011-08-31 Dave Rolsky Add more tests, including tests that 0 is not negative...
2011-07-29 Dave Rolsky add inline_as definitions for each type
2010-02-09 Tomas Doran RT#54357, fix test_requires
2010-02-09 Tomas Doran Add a nice loud warning for idiots like me who type...
2010-01-05 Guillermo Roditi tiny POD update and cosmetic dist stuff
2009-02-02 Guillermo Roditi add manifest skip file
2009-02-02 Guillermo Roditi oops
2009-02-02 Guillermo Roditi restructuring
2009-01-30 Guillermo Roditi initial checkin