Remove useless whitespace
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2009-12-25 Dave Rolsky switch all tests to done_testing
2009-12-25 Dave Rolsky add version to all modules
2009-12-25 Dave Rolsky Add parens to has's attr definition
2009-12-25 Dave Rolsky tidy all code
2009-12-25 Dave Rolsky Add tests for initialize actually working
2009-12-25 Dave Rolsky Tidy code and use Test::Exception
2009-12-24 Dave Rolsky Add a test that singletons are not destroyed (although...
2009-09-18 Dave Rolsky Remove doubled up code
2009-09-11 Dave Rolsky Converted this extension to use MetaRole
2009-06-21 Dave Rolsky bump version to 0.18
2009-06-21 Dave Rolsky Get rid of a pointless BEGIN block
2009-04-24 Hans Dieter Pearcey _clear_instance and tests
2009-01-23 Dave Rolsky Add tests and fix for implicit object construction...
2008-05-13 Shawn M Moore make_immutable keyword was removed
2008-03-05 Dave Rolsky Singleton objects were not singletons when made immutab...
2008-01-26 Ricardo SIGNES initialize method
2008-01-26 Ricardo SIGNES do not allow double initialization
2007-12-16 Shawn M Moore Rename Meta::Instance->instantiate to Meta::Instance...
2007-12-16 Shawn M Moore Re-implementation. This uses a bit of Moose meta magic...
2007-12-16 Shawn M Moore Do a bit of fixing. instance and new are one and the...
2007-04-20 Anders Nor Berle Initial commit of MooseX::Singleton and MooseX::Service