update changes and bump version to 0.21
[gitmo/MooseX-Singleton.git] / lib / MooseX / Singleton.pm
2009-09-12 Dave Rolsky update changes and bump version to 0.21 0.21
2009-09-12 Dave Rolsky fix use lines to load roles, not old class names
2009-09-11 Dave Rolsky update ChangeLog, bump version to 0.20 0.20
2009-09-11 Dave Rolsky No need to require the latest Moose
2009-09-11 Dave Rolsky Removing VERSION heading in POD, which we never keep...
2009-09-11 Dave Rolsky Converted this extension to use MetaRole
2009-07-09 Shawn M Moore Bump to 0.19 0.19
2009-06-21 Dave Rolsky require the latest Moose 0.18
2009-06-21 Dave Rolsky bump version to 0.18
2009-04-24 Shawn M Moore Begin 0.17 releng 0.17
2009-04-24 Hans Dieter Pearcey _clear_instance and tests
2009-04-24 Dave Rolsky bump version to 0.16
2009-04-07 Dave Rolsky require latest Moose
2009-04-07 Dave Rolsky this should be version 0.15
2009-04-07 Dave Rolsky make version 0.16 everywhere
2009-04-05 Dave Rolsky changes to work with Moose 0.73_01+
2009-01-22 Dave Rolsky bump version to 0.14 0.14
2008-12-08 Shawn M Moore Give ii copyright
2008-12-08 Shawn M Moore It's now probably more Dave's code than my own :)
2008-12-08 Dave Rolsky bump version to 0.13 0.13
2008-09-18 Dave Rolsky prepping for next release
2008-09-05 Dave Rolsky bump version and updates changes
2008-09-01 Dave Rolsky bumper version to 0.10 and depend on Moose 0.56 0.10
2008-08-22 Dave Rolsky Bump version and add changes for 0.09_02 (just a depend...
2008-08-21 Dave Rolsky Updates to work with the latest dev release of Moose
2008-06-27 Dave Rolsky Fix immutability work with latest Moose (0.51), and...
2008-05-24 Shawn M Moore Update version and release date
2008-03-07 Shawn M Moore Bump Moose dep to 0.37, release as 0.07
2008-03-05 Shawn M Moore 0.06 release
2008-03-05 Dave Rolsky Singleton objects were not singletons when made immutab...
2008-02-03 Ricardo SIGNES update ver
2008-01-26 Ricardo SIGNES update credits, changelog, version
2007-12-16 Shawn M Moore Documentation and little fixes. This one (0.03) is...
2007-12-16 Shawn M Moore Re-implementation. This uses a bit of Moose meta magic...
2007-12-16 Shawn M Moore Do a bit of fixing. instance and new are one and the...
2007-04-20 Anders Nor Berle Initial commit of MooseX::Singleton and MooseX::Service