Remove useless whitespace
[gitmo/MooseX-Singleton.git] / Makefile.PL
2009-12-25 Dave Rolsky add extra_tests
2009-12-25 Dave Rolsky make all xt tests optional, require Test::More 0.88+
2009-12-24 Dave Rolsky Add a test that singletons are not destroyed (although...
2009-06-21 Dave Rolsky require the latest Moose 0.18
2009-04-07 Dave Rolsky require latest Moose
2009-04-05 Dave Rolsky changes to work with Moose 0.73_01+
2009-01-22 Dave Rolsky update changes and prereqs for next release
2008-12-04 Dave Rolsky some changes to work the next Moose, making constructor...
2008-09-15 Dave Rolsky Will require the next Moose
2008-09-05 Dave Rolsky Require Moose 0.57 0.11
2008-09-01 Dave Rolsky bumper version to 0.10 and depend on Moose 0.56 0.10
2008-08-22 Dave Rolsky Doh, forgot to increment the required Moose version...
2008-06-27 Dave Rolsky Fix immutability work with latest Moose (0.51), and...
2008-05-24 Dave Rolsky Replicate spelling fix for initalize_body here.
2008-03-07 Shawn M Moore Bump Moose dep to 0.37, release as 0.07
2008-01-26 Shawn M Moore Bump the minimum Moose version to 0.28, because we...
2007-11-17 Jonathan Rockway fuck Build.PL