2013-05-05 Jesse Luehrs make github the primary repository master
2013-05-05 Jesse Luehrs what is this even for
2013-05-05 Jesse Luehrs stop using [Readme] so that we get a readme on github
2013-05-05 Jesse Luehrs use dzil for travis
2013-05-05 Jesse Luehrs add travis configuration
2013-05-03 Karen Etheridge avoid rebuilding the dist between running t/ tests...
2013-05-03 Karen Etheridge Revert "add case-specific stopwords"
2013-04-13 Karen Etheridge fix incompatibilities with TB2
2013-04-11 Karen Etheridge fix RT link in metadata (RT#84562)
2013-04-08 Dave Rolsky Remove done item from TODO
2013-03-30 Karen Etheridge add items about coring MX::Aliases, MX::MethodAttribute...
2013-03-28 Karen Etheridge changelog for Moose-2.0801 stable/2.08
2013-03-28 Karen Etheridge bump version to 2.0801 2.0801
2013-03-28 Karen Etheridge changelog for new fix
2013-03-28 Karen Etheridge changelog for 2.0800 fix for RT#77974 (commit e2a758a)
2013-03-28 Jesse Luehrs oops
2013-03-28 Karen Etheridge Moose 2.0800 conflicts with MooseX::App-1.18
2013-03-28 Karen Etheridge push to origin after release
2013-03-28 Dave Rolsky Moose 2.0800 conflicts with MooseX::ClassAttribute...
2013-03-28 Karen Etheridge changelog for Moose-2.0800
2013-03-28 Karen Etheridge do not release with unfetched changes; allow releasing... 2.0800
2013-03-27 Karen Etheridge bump version to 2.0800 for next release
2013-03-27 Karen Etheridge make the TODO file render as markdown properly
2013-03-26 Karen Etheridge add dev prereq to allow "make distclean" to not silentl...
2013-03-26 Karen Etheridge before release, confirm all prereqs are indexed
2013-03-26 Karen Etheridge more detailed messages for tag and release commit
2013-03-26 Dave Rolsky Add more words to the spelling whitelist
2013-03-26 Karen Etheridge add case-specific stopwords
2013-03-26 Karen Etheridge add dev prereq for inc::MyInline plugin
2013-03-26 Karen Etheridge bump version for next release
2013-03-26 Karen Etheridge merge 2.0604 changelog and fix entries for unreleased...
2013-03-25 Karen Etheridge newest cabal member (blame stevan)
2013-03-14 Karen Etheridge RT#83929: fix memory leak in union types
2013-03-14 Karen Etheridge fix documentation of type heirarchy
2013-03-13 Dave Rolsky Don't try to test Ambrosia - it requires mod_perl
2013-03-13 Jesse Luehrs remove_package_symbol is deprecated in package::stash
2013-02-24 Dave Rolsky Require Dist::Zilla 4.200016+
2013-02-24 Dave Rolsky Remove our (now broken) dzil GatherDir subclass
2013-02-24 Dave Rolsky Rename basics_recipe9.t to match the new cookbook ...
2012-11-07 Jesse Luehrs make tests work better with forkprove
2012-10-30 Dave Rolsky Add ingy to the spelling whitelist
2012-09-19 Karen Etheridge fix punctuation
2012-09-19 Jesse Luehrs depend on a Carp version with caller_info (RT#79367)
2012-09-16 Dave Rolsky Clarify natatime Array helper behavior when given a...
2012-08-28 Shawn M Moore We only need local $? if we inline calls to DEMOLISH
2012-08-07 Dave Rolsky Skip Gearman-SlotManager - it hangs
2012-07-25 Dave Rolsky Add what does moose stand for section back to docs
2012-07-21 Jesse Luehrs use [RunExtraTests] instead of [ExtraTests]
2012-07-21 Jesse Luehrs show the first line here when testing with a harness
2012-07-21 Jesse Luehrs improve the warning for unknown attribute parameters...
2012-07-21 Jesse Luehrs test a few more things when choosing "MooseX"
2012-07-21 Jesse Luehrs allow only specifying certain dists to test (wickline)
2012-07-05 Jesse Luehrs no idea what's up with this error message
2012-07-05 Jesse Luehrs fix "use MyExporter -traits => ..." (RT77974)
2012-07-05 Dave Rolsky Skip P50Tools, it has no tests
2012-07-05 Jesse Luehrs fix docs for MMA->new (RT78202)
2012-07-04 Christopher... Fix is_subtype_of to handle not-yet-defined role
2012-07-04 Christopher... Test is_subtype_of on role_type of undefined role
2012-06-28 Dave Rolsky Skip some distros with known test issues
2012-06-28 Jesse Luehrs changelog
2012-06-28 Jesse Luehrs merge changelog from stable
2012-06-28 Jesse Luehrs fix test in with blead
2012-06-21 Dave Rolsky Add Message-Passing-ZeroMQ to skip list
2012-06-21 Jesse Luehrs changelog
2012-06-21 Jesse Luehrs stop using excludes within moose, since it's no longer...
2012-06-21 Matt S Trout change role-to-role application to allow method shadowing
2012-06-21 Dave Rolsky Doc super() warning in Changes
2012-06-21 Dave Rolsky Make super() carp if you pass it arguments
2012-06-21 Dave Rolsky Add test for new warning - super() warns if it is passe...
2012-06-21 Ævar Arnfjörð... Moose FAQ: Expand "Can I turn off type constraint check...
2012-05-30 Dave Rolsky Skip Alien-Ditaa
2012-05-30 Dave Rolsky Yet another distro marked as todo
2012-05-29 Dave Rolsky Add a few more broken deps
2012-05-29 Dave Rolsky Add a few more broken deps
2012-05-29 Dave Rolsky Add Jenkins-NotificationListener to TODO list
2012-05-29 Dave Rolsky Several more problematic deps
2012-05-29 Dave Rolsky Add IPC-AnyEvent-Gearman to the skip list
2012-05-27 Dave Rolsky Add Metabase-Backend-SQL to TODO list - it's tests...
2012-05-27 Dave Rolsky Dist-Zilla-Plugin-PerlTidy has broken tests
2012-05-27 Dave Rolsky Skip Metabase-Backend-MongoDB, it's broken
2012-05-27 Dave Rolsky Mark two more known-broken distros
2012-05-27 Dave Rolsky Add File-Tail-Scribe to skip list
2012-05-27 Dave Rolsky Skip DBIx-VersionedDDL for being dumb
2012-05-27 Dave Rolsky Skip Padre-Plugin-Cookbook
2012-05-26 Dave Rolsky Add more modules to our skip/todo list
2012-05-26 Dave Rolsky Doc circular ref fix in Changes
2012-05-26 wickline rt63818 bugfix for false 'also' circular ref error
2012-05-26 Dave Rolsky Add MooseX-Scaffold to list of known broken deps
2012-05-26 Dave Rolsky Mention MOOSE_TEST_MD=MooseX when MOOSE_TEST_MD=1
2012-05-26 Dave Rolsky Add MooseX-WithCache to list of TODO deps
2012-05-26 Dave Rolsky Put both skip and todo tests in the DATA section
2012-05-26 Dave Rolsky Add another MOOSE_TEST_MD option, MooseX
2012-05-19 Dave Rolsky Mark two more distros as todo
2012-05-19 Dave Rolsky Skip distro which requires rpm
2012-05-15 Todd Hepler added Moose with make_immutable
2012-05-08 Ricardo Signes document that auto_deref is wantarray-based
2012-05-08 Dave Rolsky Mark a few more failing distros
2012-05-07 Dave Rolsky Skip Net-SSH-Mechanize
2012-05-06 Jesse Luehrs changelog
2012-05-06 Jesse Luehrs import changelog from stable