descriptionMinimalist Object Orientation (with Moose compatibility) - now lives at
last changeTue, 1 Oct 2013 18:30:37 +0000
2013-10-01 Graham Knop update repo to point to github master
2013-09-22 Graham Knop correct captures assignment in quote_sub
2013-09-22 Graham Knop some pod cleanups
2013-09-22 Graham Knop whitespace/style cleanups
2013-09-21 Graham Knop updated dependents test
2013-09-21 Graham Knop mailmap file
2013-09-20 Graham Knop formatting and typo fix in prereqs
2013-09-10 Matt S Trout Release commit for 1.003001 v1.003001
2013-09-10 Matt S Trout bump version
2013-09-09 Graham Knop no automatic travis testing for wip/blocked branches
2013-09-05 Graham Knop use _composite_name from new Role::Tiny to generate...
2013-09-04 Graham Knop correct coerce example in pod
2013-09-01 Graham Knop don't generate man pages on travis
2013-09-01 Graham Knop make sure EUMM is up to date for travis
2013-09-01 Graham Knop test on some more perl versions
2013-09-01 Graham Knop silence perl build output
8 years ago v1.003001 release v1.003001
8 years ago v1.003000 release v1.003000
8 years ago v1.002000 release v1.002000
8 years ago v1.001000 release v1.001000
8 years ago v1.000008 release v1.000008
9 years ago v1.000007 release v1.000007
9 years ago v1.000006 release v1.000006
9 years ago v1.000005 release v1.000005
9 years ago v1.000004 release v1.000004
9 years ago v1.000003 release v1.000003
9 years ago v1.000002 release v1.000002
9 years ago v1.000001 release v1.000001
9 years ago v1.000000 release v1.000000
9 years ago v0.091014 release v0.091014
9 years ago v0.091013 release v0.091013
9 years ago v0.091012 release v0.091012
8 years ago master