2017-04-13 Graham Knop move repo to github moose org master
2016-10-15 Graham Knop avoid needing . in @INC in dev mode
2016-09-15 Graham Knop Release commit for 0.32 v0.32
2016-09-15 Graham Knop Bumping version to 0.32
2016-09-15 Graham Knop update EUHC
2016-04-19 Graham Knop Release commit for 0.31 v0.31
2016-04-19 Graham Knop Bumping version to 0.31
2016-04-19 Graham Knop fix develop prereqs
2016-04-19 Graham Knop update bundled ExtUtils::HasCompiler to 0.013
2016-04-19 Graham Knop stop relying on . in @INC
2015-10-19 Graham Knop Release commit for 0.30 v0.30
2015-10-19 Graham Knop Bumping version to 0.30
2015-10-19 Graham Knop include ExtUtils::HasCompiler in dist as intended
2015-10-18 Graham Knop Release commit for 0.29 v0.29
2015-10-18 Graham Knop Bumping version to 0.29
2015-10-18 Graham Knop use ExtUtils::HasCompiler for compiler detection
2015-04-14 Graham Knop Release commit for 0.28 v0.28
2015-04-14 Graham Knop pod tests required for author mode
2015-04-14 Graham Knop move pod tests to xt
2015-04-14 Graham Knop Bumping version to 0.28
2015-04-14 Graham Knop fix maybe::next version
2014-10-27 Graham Knop changelog for dylan link change
2014-10-27 Graham Knop use link for dylan paper as original has...
2014-08-18 Graham Knop update Makefile.PL boilerplate
2014-08-16 Graham Knop Release commit for 0.27 v0.27
2014-08-16 Graham Knop update changes
2014-08-16 Graham Knop bump version
2014-08-16 Graham Knop distar fixes
2014-08-12 Graham Knop distar-ify
2014-08-07 Graham Knop declare min perl version in meta
2014-03-04 Graham Knop version 0.26 0.26
2014-03-04 Graham Knop update changelog
2014-01-17 Graham Knop remove extraneous garbage from tests
2013-09-03 Graham Knop use ExtUtils::CBuilder if available by reversing broken...
2013-07-04 Peter Rabbitson Version 0.25 0.25
2013-07-04 Peter Rabbitson More typo fixes (thanks to D. Steinbrunner)
2012-12-07 Peter Rabbitson Fix SYNOPSIS to actually be executable (RT#78327)
2012-12-07 Peter Rabbitson Make sure PP test re-run works on space containing...
2012-12-07 Peter Rabbitson Use EUMM instead of MI, drop compatibility back to...
2012-12-07 Peter Rabbitson We don't always need Devel::Hide (RT#81106)
2012-12-07 Peter Rabbitson More POD typos (RT#77453)
2012-12-06 Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix POD typo
2012-05-12 Florian Ragwitz Version 0.24 0.24
2012-04-27 Peter Rabbitson Require Class::C3::XS if a compiler is available
2010-06-19 Florian Ragwitz Version 0.23 0.23
2010-06-19 Florian Ragwitz Fix various doc errors
2010-01-28 Florian Ragwitz Version 0.22. 0.22
2010-01-28 Tomas Doran Make it clear you should use MRO::Compat not this
2009-03-25 Florian Ragwitz Version 0.21. 0.21
2009-03-25 Florian Ragwitz Whitespace cleanup.
2009-03-25 Florian Ragwitz Add .gitignore.
2009-03-25 Florian Ragwitz Remove README. It's generated by Makefile.PL.
2009-03-25 Florian Ragwitz Remove MANIFEST. It's generated from MANIFEST.SKIP.
2009-03-25 Florian Ragwitz Exclude dotfiles from MANIFEST.SKIP.
2009-03-25 Florian Ragwitz Stop using auto_install in Makefile.PL. Its use is...
2009-03-25 Florian Ragwitz Remove fake Build.PL. Module::Install doesn't support...
2008-12-08 Florian Ragwitz Version 0.20.
2008-12-08 Florian Ragwitz Update MANIFEST.
2008-06-22 Yuval Kogman demand Module::Install 0.75
2008-06-10 Brandon L Black stop the redefine warnings?
2008-06-09 Daisuke Maki a test that checks no warnings are generated when MRO...
2007-06-04 Brandon L Black arg, Makefile.PL/README updates, not critical
2007-06-04 Brandon L Black 0.19, to push XS 0.07 fixes 0.19
2007-06-04 Brandon L Black added new test file for goto on next::method, etc
2007-05-12 Brandon L Black 0.18 (require XS 0.04) 0.18
2007-05-08 Brandon L Black remove Build.PL from dist, release 0.17 0.17
2007-05-03 Brandon L Black 0.16 release changes 0.16
2007-05-03 Brandon L Black Merge 'Class-C3-PurePerl' into 'trunk'
2007-05-01 Brandon L Black oops, fix META.yml
2007-05-01 Brandon L Black Module::Install, small things
2007-05-01 Brandon L Black support XS calc_mdt, improved BEGIN block
2007-04-30 Brandon L Black Merge 'trunk' into 'Class-C3-PurePerl'
2007-04-30 Brandon L Black new overload fallback fixes, matches the behavior of...
2007-04-19 Brandon L Black 0.15_05, assumes 5.9.5 has patch
2007-04-17 Brandon L Black manifest update
2007-04-17 Brandon L Black replace patch with link
2007-04-16 Brandon L Black 0.15_02, supports Class::C3::XS
2007-04-15 Brandon L Black Class::C3::XS support
2007-04-14 Brandon L Black Merge 'trunk' into 'Class-C3-PurePerl'
2007-04-14 Brandon L Black Fix for overloading to method name string, from Ittetsu...
2007-04-13 Brandon L Black 0.15_01 final changes (includes final patch, works...
2007-04-13 Brandon L Black fix pod coverage, etc
2007-04-12 Brandon L Black got rid of PurePerl in classnames, fixed up a few other...
2007-04-12 Brandon L Black NEXT/next::method thing needed updated for removal...
2007-04-12 Brandon L Black new c3.patch with next::method in core, new changes...
2007-04-03 Brandon L Black latest sync-ed up c3.patch against perl-current
2007-04-03 Brandon L Black updated for core support
2007-01-05 Brandon L Black break out most of the code to ::PurePerl
2007-01-05 Brandon L Black make new branch for PurePerl
2006-12-14 Brandon L Black no need to be 0.14_01 just yet...
2006-11-22 Brandon L Black meta stuff for 0.14_01
2006-09-20 Brandon L Black MANIFEST updated by Build.PL 0.14
2006-09-20 Brandon L Black Changes update for 0.14 release
2006-09-20 Brandon L Black add generated MANIFEST
2006-09-20 Brandon L Black convert to Module::Build
2006-09-19 Brandon L Black version bump + potential fix for #12558
2006-08-25 Brandon L Black setting release date for 0.13 0.13
2006-08-23 Brandon L Black use Alg::C3 0.05 persistent merge cache parameter,...
2006-07-18 Stevan Little 0_12
2006-07-14 Stevan Little foo