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last changeSun, 21 Sep 2014 17:43:07 +0000
20 hours ago Peter Rabbitson Link fixes (no other changes) master
38 hours ago Dagfinn Ilmari... Warn if _recurse_where is called in scalar context
39 hours ago Peter Rabbitson Truly fix literal+bind examples (build upon a3e3e6a18)
2 days ago Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix typos in literal + bind examples
2 days ago Peter Rabbitson IRC meta
2 days ago Peter Rabbitson Well how about them apples?! Add temporary overload...
2 days ago Peter Rabbitson Boolification-derived-stringification is a thing.....
7 days ago Peter Rabbitson An arrayref makes sense for literals, but no sense...
12 days ago Peter Rabbitson More (still passing!!!) test cases after conversation...
2014-09-07 Peter Rabbitson Even more versatile is_plain_value testing - feeble...
2014-09-07 Peter Rabbitson Make sure is_plain_value returns the actual object...
2014-09-07 Peter Rabbitson Even more reuse of @_
2014-09-04 Peter Rabbitson { -ident => undef } makes zero sense
2014-07-18 Dagfinn Ilmari... Correct comments about overload methods vs. ->can()
2014-07-17 Peter Rabbitson Aha - this is why I didn't use ->can originally
2014-07-17 Peter Rabbitson New exportable functions: is_literal_value($) and is_pl...
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