descriptionWeb::Simple - a lightweight way to write simple web apps
last changeMon, 20 Mar 2017 17:43:04 +0000
2017-03-20 Matt S Trout Release commit for 0.033 master v0.033
2017-03-19 Graham Knop fix author mode when . is not in @INC
2017-03-19 Matt S Trout bump other version
2017-03-19 Matt S Trout bump version
2017-02-02 Dagfinn Ilmari... reinstate the right glob in XML::Tags (RT#120071) globbery
2016-11-15 Matt S Trout Release commit for 0.032 v0.032
2016-11-15 Matt S Trout bump version
2016-11-15 Matt S Trout changelog
2016-11-15 Matt S Trout add HTTP::Body dep
2016-10-29 gregor herrmann spelling mistakes (RT#118540)
2016-08-31 Karen Etheridge fix Test::More version used, for done_testing
2016-08-31 Karen Etheridge import "builder" into the right namespace - thanks...
2015-08-14 Matt S Trout Release commit for 0.031 v0.031
2015-08-14 Matt S Trout Bumping version to 0.031
2015-08-14 Matt S Trout bump missed version in
2015-08-14 Matt S Trout mention doc changes
4 years ago v0.033 release v0.033
5 years ago v0.032 release v0.032
6 years ago v0.031 release v0.031
7 years ago v0.030 release v0.030
7 years ago v0.029 release v0.029
7 years ago v0.028 release v0.028
7 years ago v0.027 release v0.027
7 years ago v0.026_001 release v0.026_001
7 years ago v0.026 release v0.026
7 years ago v0.025 release v0.025
7 years ago v0.024 release v0.024
7 years ago v0.023 release v0.023
7 years ago v0.022 release v0.022
7 years ago v0.021 release v0.021
9 years ago v0.020 release v0.020
9 years ago v0.019 release v0.019
4 years ago master
4 years ago globbery
6 years ago json_sugar
7 years ago run_if_script_args_maybe_more_useful
7 years ago run_if_script_error
7 years ago run_if_script_tests
7 years ago tsibley/File-Share-compat
7 years ago cli_cleanup
7 years ago fix_leak
7 years ago web-simple-role
7 years ago people/trs/dispatcher-grouping-method-and-path
8 years ago people/mauke/pod-fixes-cleanup
8 years ago filter_hashref
9 years ago param_decoding
9 years ago people/mattp/plack-streaming
9 years ago auth-example