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2016-08-01 Matt S Trout Bump version master
2016-08-01 Matt S Trout v0.005 v0.005
2016-08-01 Matt S Trout gut tests
2016-04-10 Matt S Trout Bump version
2016-04-10 Matt S Trout v0.004 v0.004
2016-04-10 Matt S Trout note dist has been murderized
2016-04-09 Matt S Trout gut
2016-04-09 Matt S Trout restore $VERSION to
2016-04-09 Matt S Trout add DOM58 to cpanfile
2016-04-09 Matt S Trout burninate stuff and collection test
2016-04-09 Matt S Trout burninate documentation for DOM::Tiny
2016-04-09 Matt S Trout rip DOM::Tiny code out and replace with a use base...
2016-03-21 Dan Book more cleanup of legacy reduce function
2016-03-19 Matt S Trout Bump version
2016-03-19 Matt S Trout v0.003 v0.003
2016-03-12 Dan Book ported fixes from Mojolicious
3 years ago v0.005 v0.005
3 years ago v0.004 v0.004
3 years ago v0.003 v0.003
3 years ago v0.002 v0.002
3 years ago v0.001 v0.001
3 years ago master