2006-04-18 Marcus Ramberg Handle $c->error called as a class method.
2006-04-13 Andy Grundman Failing test for /foo vs /foo/
2006-04-13 Yuval Kogman silly refactoring in Catalyst::Base
2006-04-13 Yuval Kogman docs for upload dir config param
2006-04-12 Andy Grundman Fixed typo in Tutorial (thanks Frank)
2006-04-08 Yuval Kogman changelog the refactoring
2006-04-08 Yuval Kogman perltidy and warning
2006-04-08 Yuval Kogman Refactor ->forward in the Dispatcher so that it isn...
2006-04-08 Yuval Kogman Simplify dispatcher guts to use hashes
2006-04-08 Yuval Kogman simplify get_action to use a hash, without that sneaky...
2006-04-08 Yuval Kogman remove visitor from actioncontainer node creation stuff
2006-04-08 Yuval Kogman recursive namespace creation ;-)
2006-04-08 Yuval Kogman refactor namespace container node creation thingamabob
2006-04-08 Yuval Kogman refactor dispatch type loading
2006-04-08 Andy Grundman Increase HTTP::Headers dep to 1.64, t/live_engine_respo...
2006-04-07 Jess Robinson Reinstate _config call in template
2006-04-05 Sebastian Riedel Added app name with :: support for PAR
2006-04-05 Matt S Trout warning fix from fireartist
2006-04-05 Sebastian Riedel Added app name with :: support for PAR
2006-04-04 Marcus Ramberg fixed pod errors
2006-04-01 Matt S Trout Added models/views/controllers methods
2006-03-30 Marcus Ramberg changed to nick
2006-03-30 Marcus Ramberg applied patch to allow a tmpdir setting.
2006-03-26 Matt S Trout Updated uri_for signature
2006-03-26 Andy Grundman Test fixes for remote servers
2006-03-26 Andy Grundman Added ability for engines to run the entire prepare...
2006-03-25 Matt S Trout Refactored component fetch code a bit
2006-03-25 Matt S Trout Got rid of Path::Class imports
2006-03-25 Matt S Trout Doc updates from the jester
2006-03-24 Andy Grundman Static::Simple 0.14 to core, also merged jester's doc...
2006-03-23 Yuval Kogman changelog the clear_error feature
2006-03-23 Yuval Kogman Add the clear_errors method
2006-03-23 Andy Grundman Removed forced engine instructions from tutorial
2006-03-21 Marcus Ramberg fix liten typo
2006-03-20 Matt S Trout Squelched warnings in live recursion tests
2006-03-16 David Kamholz apply docs patch from Carl Franks (thanks!) with a...
2006-03-16 Gavin Henry Added a Template loop in to show existing...
2006-03-15 Marcus Ramberg lots of new docs,
2006-03-15 David Kamholz minor doc improvements
2006-03-15 Marcus Ramberg added docs for engine/dispatcher
2006-03-12 Matt S Trout Looping and recursion tests plus a fix
2006-03-10 Marcus Ramberg prepared for release.
2006-03-10 Sebastian Riedel Updated templates
2006-03-03 Gavin Henry Spell checking and formatting, with some grammar correc...
2006-03-03 Sebastian Riedel Updated helper
2006-03-03 Sebastian Riedel Added Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst support
2006-03-03 Sebastian Riedel Updated helper
2006-03-02 Sebastian Riedel Cleaned generated tests
2006-03-02 Marcus Ramberg one more test.
2006-03-02 Marcus Ramberg also, tests.
2006-03-02 Marcus Ramberg change to use a 301 for redirects.
2006-03-01 Brian Cassidy added ConfigLoader upgrade to Changes
2006-03-01 David Kamholz fix silly bug in finalize_headers
2006-02-28 Gavin Henry Fixed e-mail address.
2006-02-28 David Kamholz update deps for new ConfigLoader
2006-02-28 David Kamholz update ConfigLoader in Catalyst dist
2006-02-27 Curtis "Ovid... Fixed a bug I introduced whereby registered_plugins...
2006-02-27 Matt S Trout Refactored Regex actions
2006-02-27 Matt S Trout Refactored path dispatch
2006-02-26 Matt S Trout Fixes to model/view/controller methods from Brandon...
2006-02-26 Sebastian Riedel Updated helper for Root class
2006-02-26 Sebastian Riedel Updated helper for Root class
2006-02-26 Matt S Trout Test
2006-02-26 Matt S Trout Added config->{namespace}
2006-02-24 Matt S Trout Doc patch for uri_for from 'mike'
2006-02-23 Matt S Trout (pre|post)load_dispatch_types patch from kane
2006-02-23 Matt S Trout Initial support for :Args attribute
2006-02-21 Marcus Ramberg prepared for release of 5.65
2006-02-21 Marcus Ramberg merged mine and kd's changes to the tutorial. (most...
2006-02-20 Curtis "Ovid... Oh, the humiliation of forgetting to add a test plugin :(
2006-02-20 Marcus Ramberg updated tutorial.
2006-02-17 Curtis "Ovid... Added plugin introspection.
2006-02-15 Marcus Ramberg support hashref for params in uri_for
2006-02-11 Gavin Henry Some little changes to Plugins.pod before bed. Ran...
2006-02-10 Gavin Henry Almost there, will finish adding the rest of the compon...
2006-02-07 Brian Cassidy ConfigLoader::YAML needs File::Slurp
2006-02-07 Marcus Ramberg updated release time.
2006-02-07 Matt S Trout updated About.pod from jester
2006-02-07 Marcus Ramberg prepared to release 5.64
2006-02-05 Andy Grundman Fixed bug in FastCGI proc manager mode where pm_post_di...
2006-01-31 Jesse Sheidlower Additions to Manual::About (describing MVC)
2006-01-30 Brian Cassidy inlined ConfigLoader and ConfigLoader::YAML
2006-01-30 Sebastian Riedel Cleaned up generated tests
2006-01-30 Sebastian Riedel Added ConfigLoader support, LTjake needs to inline...
2006-01-30 Sebastian Riedel YAML support is back, yay!
2006-01-30 Jesse Sheidlower tiny typo in Intro
2006-01-30 Jesse Sheidlower Created Manual::About (INCOMPLETE, just a stub now)
2006-01-29 Matt S Trout - Fixed
2006-01-29 Yuval Kogman Warn when setting ->config after ->setup was called
2006-01-29 Matt S Trout - Fixes for rt.cpan #17322 and #17331
2006-01-28 Matt S Trout - Missing svk add, as usual
2006-01-28 Matt S Trout - Updated POST upload handling patch from miyagawa
2006-01-26 Sebastian Riedel Removed YAML support
2006-01-25 Matt S Trout Fixups to ACCEPT_CONTEXT and COMPONENT
2006-01-25 Sebastian Riedel Switched from JSON to YAML::Syck
2006-01-25 Sebastian Riedel Updated helper gen
2006-01-25 Sebastian Riedel Switched from YAML to JSON for now
2006-01-23 Will Hawes updated 'Require user logins' example to use new Auth...
2006-01-22 Matt S Trout Upped version in
2006-01-21 Sebastian Riedel Updated makefile