2010-05-02 Florian Ragwitz Allow parameterized roles to be applied as plugins.
2010-04-28 Eden Cardim minor documentation fix for handle_request
2010-04-28 Florian Ragwitz Make sure path_to returns an instance of the right...
2010-04-21 Alex J. G.... Fix not stripping backslashes in DispatchType::Regex...
2010-04-19 Tomas Doran Go away useless warning
2010-04-19 Tomas Doran Bah, accidentally removed..
2010-04-19 Tomas Doran Document the action config here, as people don't seem...
2010-04-18 Tomas Doran Fix unquoted regex as per RT#24951
2010-04-13 Tomas Doran Trivial test feature, fixes RT#53653
2010-04-13 Tomas Doran Fix RT#49267
2010-04-13 Tomas Doran Document return of C::T::get is bytes not characters...
2010-04-13 Tomas Doran Fix RT#41442 so that temporary files are always, always...
2010-04-13 Tomas Doran Fix spelling errors - RT#54335
2010-04-12 Tomas Doran Revert unintentional change in r13151
2010-04-12 Tomas Doran Fix dsadinoff's mod_rewrite bug I hope
2010-04-02 Tomas Doran Require new CGI::Simple::Cookie, changelog
2010-04-01 Florian Ragwitz Import croak, which the test already uses in various...
2010-03-31 Tomas Doran Adding ability to switch X-Catalyst on by config. For...
2010-03-29 Florian Ragwitz We always have a metaclass after setup, right?
2010-03-29 Florian Ragwitz Remove $VERSION hacks.
2010-03-29 Tomas Doran Fail, commit version bump 5.80022
2010-03-28 Tomas Doran Make the tables from the log_headers method scale to...
2010-03-28 Tomas Doran More splitting up of the response logging methods
2010-03-28 Tomas Doran Back out behaviour change in debug logging we don't...
2010-03-28 Tomas Doran Cache the IP address => hostname lookups which could...
2010-03-28 Tomas Doran Back out 13063. This changes the CGI environment we...
2010-03-26 Florian Ragwitz Make sure to construct Upload objects properly, even...
2010-03-22 Florian Ragwitz no tabs. kthx!
2010-03-22 Ian Wells Disabled name lookup for server hostname in favour...
2010-03-22 Tatsuhiko Miyagawa added cpanm :)
2010-03-22 Florian Ragwitz It's --help, not -help.
2010-03-19 Justin Hunter fix long standing typo
2010-03-08 Balint Szilakszi Optimizing component lookup for the simple, common...
2010-03-06 Tomas Doran Changelog
2010-03-06 Tomas Doran Merge 'trunk' into 'param_filtering'
2010-03-05 Matt S Trout fix Index uri_for_action bug
2010-03-05 Andrew Rodland Tiny doc fix for Engine::FastCGI
2010-03-04 Brian Phillips only log response status, content-type and content...
2010-03-03 Tomas Doran Bump versions, expand somewhat on the changelog 5.80021
2010-03-03 Tomas Doran The no warnings stanza does nothing, so remove it
2010-03-02 Brian Phillips cleaned up tabs vs. spaces
2010-03-02 Brian Phillips remove filtering, get request/response logging from...
2010-03-01 Tomas Doran Merge 'trunk' into 'param_filtering'
2010-02-23 Florian Ragwitz fix doc typo.
2010-02-14 Florian Ragwitz Make the debug log say the cat version with all its...
2010-02-11 Tomas Doran First attempt to make this make more sense.
2010-02-11 Tomas Doran Fix typo
2010-02-09 Rafael Kitover update Changes, put comment back in
2010-02-08 Tomas Doran Unfuck
2010-02-08 Tomas Doran Merge 'trunk' into 'uri_for_utf8'
2010-02-04 Florian Ragwitz Version 5.80020. 5.80020
2010-02-04 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'expand_modules'
2010-01-29 Florian Ragwitz Version 5.80019. 5.80019
2010-01-29 Florian Ragwitz Changelog tweaking.
2010-01-28 Tomas Doran Changelog up to date
2010-01-28 Tomas Doran And test the non root app case
2010-01-28 Tomas Doran Fix paths with URI encoding as the first path part
2010-01-27 Tomas Doran Fix / => %2F in uri_for so that it only works for actio...
2010-01-27 Tomas Doran Fix failing test related to missing g in regex
2010-01-27 Tomas Doran Clarrify debug documentation
2010-01-25 Florian Ragwitz Remove apparently useless Component::BUILDARGS conditional.
2010-01-25 Florian Ragwitz Revert "in what case is a numeric comparison called...
2010-01-25 Oliver Charles Improve the documentation about -Home and how Catalyst...
2010-01-24 Oliver Charles Allow models and components to specify the names of...
2010-01-19 Αριστοτέλης... fix $c->error doc in POD
2010-01-19 Florian Ragwitz Changelog action_args.
2010-01-19 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'action_args'
2010-01-19 Florian Ragwitz And another minor tweak.
2010-01-19 Florian Ragwitz Some more doc tweaking.
2010-01-19 John Napiorkowski tweaked docs based on IRC suggestions
2010-01-19 John Napiorkowski added documentation for the configuration option "actio...
2010-01-18 Florian Ragwitz Depend on a namespace::clean that isn't broken on ...
2010-01-15 Tomas Doran Clarify that it's an app, not a ctx here
2010-01-15 Peter Karman in what case is a numeric comparison called for? I...
2010-01-14 Dan Dascalescu Passing test case for RT #53678 - Catalyst::Test::get...
2010-01-14 Dan Dascalescu Cosmetic: wrapped long code line
2010-01-14 Dan Dascalescu Typo fix
2010-01-14 Florian Ragwitz Only set up the leakchecker for the tests that need it.
2010-01-14 Florian Ragwitz Exception stuff is fixed for a while now.
2010-01-14 Florian Ragwitz Depend on n:c 0.12 to work on perl >= 5.11.2.
2010-01-12 Florian Ragwitz Version 5.80018. 5.80018
2010-01-12 Florian Ragwitz canonical() is a no-op for the base uri.
2010-01-12 Florian Ragwitz Fix a deprecation warning in the tests.
2010-01-11 Tomas Doran Fix URI bug masked by HTTP::Request::AsCGI
2010-01-11 Tomas Doran Deprecate bare imports of Catalyst::Test - either use...
2010-01-10 Tomas Doran Apply patch to clarify uri_for action from Octavian...
2010-01-10 Florian Ragwitz Version 5.80017. 5.80017
2010-01-09 Tomas Doran require autoclean once only
2010-01-09 Tomas Doran Bump version of ::Role::WithOverloading
2010-01-09 Tomas Doran Bump dep
2010-01-09 Tomas Doran Un stupid
2010-01-09 Tomas Doran Correctly pass argv option into Catalyst::Engine::HTTP
2010-01-09 Tomas Doran Changelog Adopt::NEXT warnings
2010-01-09 Tomas Doran Back out r12493, use \Q instead
2010-01-09 Tomas Doran Don't screw over people using --detach, <sigh>
2010-01-07 Rafael Kitover add a test for the uri_for utf8 stuff
2010-01-06 Rafael Kitover utf8::decode captures and args, and uri-escape captures
2010-01-06 Florian Ragwitz Clarify comment.
2010-01-05 Florian Ragwitz Stop supressing Adopt::NEXT warnings.
2010-01-04 Tomas Doran Clarify comment