2005-10-18 Andy Grundman Updated manifest
2005-10-18 Andy Grundman Fixed Apache tests so they don't prompt for config...
2005-10-18 Andy Grundman Added automated tests for CGI and FastCGI using Apache...
2005-10-18 Andy Grundman Fixed http-server tests so it reads test results
2005-10-18 Andy Grundman Added a test for auto-restart feature
2005-10-18 Andy Grundman Removed 01 from the filename
2005-10-18 Andy Grundman Added random port number and better detection of runnin...
2005-10-17 Andy Grundman Gave options hash a default value to allow older server...
2005-10-17 Andy Grundman Don't tell people to install a module unless they want...
2005-10-17 Andy Grundman Renamed HTTP test
2005-10-17 Andy Grundman Changed HTTP test to work the right way
2005-10-17 Andy Grundman Added a test script to auto-test the standalone server
2005-10-17 Sebastian Riedel Improved test server
2005-10-17 Sebastian Riedel Updated to half working restarter with syntax check
2005-10-17 Sebastian Riedel Updated signal stuff
2005-10-17 Sebastian Riedel Updated Changes
2005-10-17 Sebastian Riedel Added restart feature to test server
2005-10-12 Andy Grundman Added filename to debug output for uploaded files
2005-10-12 Sebastian Riedel Fixed test
2005-10-12 Matt S Trout - Fixed warning
2005-10-12 Matt S Trout - Hey, so do relative forwards with args in the uri
2005-10-12 Matt S Trout - Nailed one dispatcher forward-with-args-in-uri bug
2005-10-12 Andy Grundman Added failing tests for embedded forward
2005-10-12 Andy Grundman Removed URI::Query from deps
2005-10-12 Andy Grundman Dropped URI::Query, put back old query code, moved...
2005-10-12 Sebastian Riedel Added uri_for test
2005-10-11 Andy Grundman Added upload parameters back into req->params
2005-10-11 Sebastian Riedel Added multiple paths support
2005-10-11 Andy Grundman Updated Changes for path fix
2005-10-11 Andy Grundman Fixed path, can now be changed properly, also updated...
2005-10-11 Sebastian Riedel Removed req->handle and res->handle
2005-10-11 Jesse Sheidlower Spelling fixes throughout core modules
2005-10-10 Andy Grundman Added prepare_body_chunk method for upload progress...
2005-10-10 Andy Grundman Updated Changes with uri_for fix
2005-10-10 Andy Grundman Fixed uri_for bug found by drewbie
2005-10-10 Andy Grundman Missed some changes, merged again from r1019
2005-10-10 Andy Grundman Merged 5.49_01 (r1339) from refactored branch to trunk
2005-09-27 Andy Grundman Added recursive -r flag to prove example
2005-09-26 Andy Grundman Backed out memory leak workaround, bumped Text::ASCIITa...
2005-09-23 Andy Grundman Added temporary workaround for debug memory leak in...
2005-09-20 Andy Grundman Added disabled test case for #37, actually an HTTP...
2005-09-19 Andy Grundman Arrr.. I forgot Changes
2005-09-19 Andy Grundman Fixed Helper so it works with CRLF line-endings
2005-09-19 Andy Grundman Added Dispatcher bug fix note to Changes, also fixed...
2005-09-17 Jesse Sheidlower tweak to $c->req->full_uri
2005-09-17 Jesse Sheidlower added $c->req->full_uri method (core from C::P::Require...
2005-09-15 Andy Grundman Backported [1134] SSL requests in tests to trunk
2005-09-15 Andy Grundman Backported [1133] dispatcher fix to trunk
2005-09-07 Andy Grundman req -> res, ticket #22
2005-09-06 Marcus Ramberg added a comment to code example
2005-09-06 Marcus Ramberg added a comment, compacted a couple of elses.
2005-09-06 Marcus Ramberg use recursive_test_files
2005-08-27 Marcus Ramberg leftovers from the old days.
2005-08-21 Sebastian Riedel Fixed mkpath in Catalyst::Helper
2005-08-10 Marcus Ramberg added missing test class.
2005-08-10 Marcus Ramberg released 5.33
2005-08-10 Marcus Ramberg fix objects that evaulate to false. rafl
2005-07-21 Sebastian Riedel Fixed detach and whitespaces in Path/Regex
2005-07-21 Andrew Ford helpers now create .new files where files to be created...
2005-07-16 Jesse Sheidlower doc patches for Intro.pod (impt. ones, too)
2005-07-15 Jesse Sheidlower s/pm/pod/ for WritingPlugins
2005-07-15 Jesse Sheidlower Cleaned up sample in WritingPlugins
2005-07-15 Jesse Sheidlower added WritingPlugins man page
2005-07-15 Jesse Sheidlower Custom Error Page added to Cookbook
2005-07-14 Marcus Ramberg added entry for serving static files with apache.
2005-07-11 Sebastian Riedel Changed credits section
2005-07-10 Danijel Milicevic Updated: Added entry to FAQ
2005-07-08 Danijel Milicevic Updated: Added FAQ entries
2005-07-07 Jesse Sheidlower Cookbook: outside classes; tweaks
2005-07-07 Jesse Sheidlower Intro: using outside Models in Cat
2005-07-07 Jesse Sheidlower Cookbook doc adds (thanks chisel!)
2005-07-06 Jesse Sheidlower fixed borked Cookbook merge
2005-07-06 Jesse Sheidlower Doc tweaks from drewbie
2005-07-06 Sebastian Riedel Renamed the THANK YOU section to CREDITS
2005-07-06 Jesse Sheidlower incorporated static discussion from andyg into Cookbook.pod
2005-07-05 Sebastian Riedel Added attributes for detach
2005-07-05 Jesse Sheidlower added description of detach in Intro.pod
2005-07-05 Sebastian Riedel Fixed $Data::Dumper::Terse
2005-07-04 Marcus Ramberg prepared for 5.30 release.
2005-07-01 Christian Hansen Fixed $c->request->cookie, and improved detection of...
2005-06-28 Christian Hansen Updated Changes
2005-06-28 Christian Hansen Added comment in Catalyst::Import()
2005-06-28 Marcus Ramberg fix import inheritance bug.
2005-06-28 Christian Hansen Better error message if $c->forward fails to find actio...
2005-06-27 Jesse Sheidlower additions to Plugins manual page
2005-06-27 Jesse Sheidlower updated and fixed C::View::TT docs
2005-06-26 Jesse Sheidlower more on built-in actions in Intro.pod
2005-06-24 Jesse Sheidlower rewrite of flow control in Intro.pod
2005-06-24 Christian Hansen Take a copy of arguments
2005-06-24 Marcus Ramberg added test for root overriding automatic detection.
2005-06-24 Christian Hansen added C::Utils::class2tempdir()
2005-06-24 Christian Hansen refactored $c->forward
2005-06-24 Marcus Ramberg updated intro pod to explain forward better, and the...
2005-06-24 Marcus Ramberg Allow forward with arguments.
2005-06-24 Marcus Ramberg revised angry smiley.
2005-06-23 Jesse Sheidlower un-typoed last commit
2005-06-23 Marcus Ramberg updated cookbook
2005-06-23 Marcus Ramberg fix: Allow overriding home/root
2005-06-23 Marcus Ramberg minor pod fix to make tests pass.
2005-06-23 Sebastian Riedel Added Catalyst::Helper::Controller::Scaffold