2011-07-28 Tomas Doran Update MANIFEST.SKIP to ignore t/tmp horrible regex...
2011-07-27 John Napiorkowski Lion is like Snow Leopard when it comes to tar issues
2011-07-26 Tomas Doran Warning fix
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Add _set_env writer to non-PSGI Catalyst
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Remove trailing whitespace
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Version 5.80033 5.80033
2011-07-24 Florian Ragwitz Better changelog for the ->config(actions => { '*' fix
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Small whitespace and test cleanups
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Update changelog
2011-07-22 Matt S Trout update tests to ignore CATALYST_HOME env var
2011-07-15 Tomas Doran Fix test
2011-07-15 Tomas Doran Changelog
2011-07-15 Tomas Doran Make that a warning when in debug mode
2011-07-15 Brian Phillips skip setting cookies that can't be created successfully
2011-07-11 Tomas Doran Revert "removed component resolution regex fallback"
2011-07-07 André Walker removed component resolution regex fallback
2011-07-01 Tomas Doran More disable_component_resolution_regex_fallback
2011-06-09 Caleb Cushing give an example for $c->request->path
2011-06-09 Justin Hunter fix typo
2011-06-01 Florian Ragwitz Unbreak remote server tests
2011-06-01 Tomas Doran Add MYMETA.yml to .gitignore
2011-05-16 Dagfinn Ilmari... Add missing Catalyst::Devel author dep
2011-05-16 Dagfinn Ilmari... Append $\ in Catalyst::Response->print
2011-05-12 Justin Hunter fix some typos
2011-05-05 Ton Voon Fixed situation where a detach($action) from a forward...
2011-05-03 Dave Rolsky Add a test to make sure that a die in a Controller...
2011-04-14 Florian Ragwitz Unbreak the pod-coverage tests
2011-04-14 Florian Ragwitz Yes, it is
2011-04-14 Florian Ragwitz Remove special-casing of '*' for get_action_methods
2011-04-14 Florian Ragwitz Pull a bunch of gross hacks to get actions => { '*...
2011-04-14 Florian Ragwitz Add a test for configuring attributes for all actions
2011-04-14 Florian Ragwitz Add a test view for dumping actions
2011-04-14 Florian Ragwitz Make this error message more readable
2011-04-14 Florian Ragwitz Make this error message more readable
2011-04-14 Florian Ragwitz Agreed
2011-04-12 Florian Ragwitz A failing reverse lookup doesn't imply it's a local...
2011-03-27 Tomas Doran Tiny tidyups to copyright and license
2011-03-21 Dimitar Petrov Fix Path actions debug screen to display number of...
2011-03-12 Jonathan "Duke... Make default test names reflect reality more and fix...
2011-03-12 Jonathan "Duke... Give action_ok, action_redirect and action_notfound...
2011-03-08 Florian Ragwitz Avoid super long command lines when not aggregating
2011-03-07 Jonathan "Duke... Improve the documentation for various functions in...
2011-02-28 Tomas Doran Change repos metadata to git
2011-02-23 Tomas Doran Version 5.80032 5.80032
2011-02-23 Tomas Doran Pass the extra restart options
2011-02-23 Tomas Doran Fix test
2011-02-22 Tomas Doran Changelog
2011-02-22 Tomas Doran Merge branch 'restarter_changeclass' into 5.80032_dev
2011-02-22 Dhaval Dhanani added myself (dd070) in contributors list
2011-02-22 Dhaval Dhanani removed duplicate parameters in return value of _restar...
2011-02-22 Dhaval Dhanani added more parameters in return value of _restarter_args
2011-02-22 Tomas Doran Add a few tests
2011-02-22 Tomas Doran Patch to make restarter class configurable / settable...
2011-02-22 Tomas Doran Merge branch 'chained_fix' into 5.80032_dev
2011-02-22 Tomas Doran Apply more correct fix than 8df53b (I hope)
2011-02-22 Tomas Doran Rename test
2011-02-22 Tomas Doran Make tests more clear
2011-02-22 Tomas Doran Merge revert 8df53bed
2011-02-22 Tomas Doran Un-TODO abraxxa's tests
2011-02-22 Tomas Doran This scares me, but it fixes stuf work work
2011-02-15 Tomas Doran Fix 5.80 bug which causes slurp to fail if called multi...
2011-02-14 Tomas Doran Fix body predicate bug/back compat issue
2011-01-31 Tomas Doran Version 5.80031 5.80031
2011-01-28 Alexander Hartmaier added test for chained dispatcher fail on multiple...
2011-01-27 Tomas Doran Fix undef warning in Engine::FastCGI
2011-01-24 Tomas Doran Bump dep
2011-01-04 Florian Ragwitz Version 5.80030 5.80030
2011-01-04 Florian Ragwitz Fix a warning with undef bodies
2011-01-04 Florian Ragwitz Changelog the Package::Stash bugfix
2011-01-04 Florian Ragwitz Changelog the resp->body improvements
2011-01-03 Florian Ragwitz Work with PP Package::Stash again now the incorrect...
2011-01-03 Florian Ragwitz Stop relying on Package::Stash PP bugs
2010-12-25 Tomas Doran Add conflict
2010-12-17 Tomas Doran Bad test failed to show bug.
2010-12-17 Tomas Doran Fix the case for body '0'
2010-12-16 Tomas Doran Make response body able to be undef to allow RenderView...
2010-12-16 Tomas Doran Extra links in docs
2010-12-15 Ronald J Kimball Add test case for uri_for() with #fragment and query...
2010-12-10 Ferruccio Zamuner Found a another fault in chained action dispatcher.
2010-12-05 Ferruccio Zamuner Improved test about chained actions and add note in...
2010-12-05 Tomas Doran Rename --title to --proc_title as that makes more sense...
2010-12-05 Tomas Doran Update changelog
2010-12-04 Florian Ragwitz Stop passing along @INC
2010-12-04 Florian Ragwitz Use the proper way of setting @INC for tests
2010-12-04 Florian Ragwitz Aggregate http-server.t tests
2010-12-03 Florian Ragwitz Allow aggregating specific tests only
2010-12-03 Florian Ragwitz Use the harness instead of all of prove
2010-12-03 Florian Ragwitz Make the no-tabs test happy again
2010-11-27 Ferruccio Zamuner Fixed chained action order resolution to pass t/aggrega...
2010-11-23 Tomas Doran Clarify end action after forward / detach
2010-11-19 Stefan Seifert Fix passing file GLOBs to $c->res->body
2010-11-15 Tomas Doran Clarify docs
2010-11-03 Eskild Hustvedt Added a --title parameter to fastcgi script, sets proce...
2010-10-22 Naveen Manivannan update MooseX module version due to deprecated warning
2010-10-12 David Schmidt typo in docs fixed
2010-10-03 Tomas Doran Version 5.80029 5.80029
2010-09-29 Tomas Doran Patch from the mailing list to clarify view warning
2010-09-29 Tomas Doran Avoid issues when just using CMOP::Class
2010-09-29 Tomas Doran Need to use _add_meta_method from new Moose onwards...
2010-09-28 Tomas Doran Actually bump versions, ACTUAL 5.80028, sorry 5.80028