2005-11-13 David Kamholz - remove borked tag again
2005-11-13 David Kamholz remove auto-generated files from Catalyst in trunk
2005-11-13 Jesse Sheidlower Plugin.pod formatting
2005-11-13 Sebastian Riedel Reverted previous change
2005-11-13 Sebastian Riedel Fixed public accessible internal actions
2005-11-13 Jesse Sheidlower Intro.pod changes (minor--really needs more updating)
2005-11-13 Sebastian Riedel Fixed arguments debug message
2005-11-13 Jesse Sheidlower Doc changes in
2005-11-13 Sebastian Riedel Fixed debug messages
2005-11-13 Sebastian Riedel Updated Internals.pod
2005-11-13 Andy Grundman Updated Manifest, Readme, and META
2005-11-12 David Kamholz - fix a few more small things in docs
2005-11-12 Matt S Trout - Made :Path behave sanely at the root, hopefully
2005-11-12 Matt S Trout - Doc patch from davekam/ningu
2005-11-12 Marcus Ramberg added support for Model/View/Controller namespace relative
2005-11-12 Andy Grundman Removed bogus Index doc
2005-11-12 Andy Grundman doc update
2005-11-12 Andy Grundman docs
2005-11-12 Andy Grundman ningu's update to docs
2005-11-12 Andy Grundman Fixed docs for comp()
2005-11-12 Andy Grundman Added big doc patch from ningu with a few tweaks from...
2005-11-12 Andy Grundman Utils doc patch from ningu
2005-11-12 Sebastian Riedel Updated pod
2005-11-12 Sebastian Riedel Fixed the fork and restart bug
2005-11-11 Sebastian Riedel Updated extra_args to be unshifted instead of pushed
2005-11-11 Sebastian Riedel Fixed dispatcher and restored old behavior
2005-11-11 Andy Grundman Added non-root example to FastCGI docs
2005-11-11 Andy Grundman Added some docs and example configs for FastCGI with...
2005-11-11 Sebastian Riedel Fixed args handling in forward
2005-11-10 Andy Grundman Fixed Build.PL Makefile section
2005-11-10 Sebastian Riedel Fixed config bug
2005-11-10 Sebastian Riedel Updated old script warning
2005-11-10 Sebastian Riedel Fixed typo
2005-11-10 Sebastian Riedel Added warning, restart doesn't work together with fork
2005-11-10 Sebastian Riedel Fixed private action table
2005-11-10 Brian Cassidy fixed pod reference
2005-11-10 Sebastian Riedel Added
2005-11-10 Sebastian Riedel Fixed the forwarding fix :)
2005-11-10 Sebastian Riedel Fixed relative forwarding
2005-11-10 Sebastian Riedel 100% pod coverage again
2005-11-10 Andy Grundman Meta and README for rc4
2005-11-10 Andy Grundman Updated Changes for rc4
2005-11-10 Sebastian Riedel Updated changes
2005-11-10 Andy Grundman Preparing for rc4
2005-11-10 Andy Grundman Made threads test optional
2005-11-10 Matt S Trout - Extra Path tests (thanks LTJake)
2005-11-10 Matt S Trout - Tweaked attr parsing (thanks LTJake - now gimme some...
2005-11-10 Sebastian Riedel Added more pod
2005-11-10 Matt S Trout - forward now uses stack
2005-11-10 Matt S Trout - Added $c->stack
2005-11-10 Sebastian Riedel Added some pod
2005-11-10 Sebastian Riedel Fixed the weirdo threads bug
2005-11-10 Matt S Trout - Added *_class methods to Catalyst
2005-11-10 Sebastian Riedel Fixed typo
2005-11-10 Sebastian Riedel Only register private actions when needed
2005-11-09 Sebastian Riedel Fixed attrcontainer to ignore lvalue methods
2005-11-09 Sebastian Riedel Fixed some bugs and improved logs
2005-11-09 Matt S Trout - Made $c->namespace lvalue in the name of encapsulatio...
2005-11-09 Sebastian Riedel Updated Intro.pod
2005-11-09 Andy Grundman Updated Changes file to give credit
2005-11-09 Andy Grundman Updated HTTP::Body prereq to 0.4
2005-11-09 Yuval Kogman Dispatcher::get_action no longer takes $c as a useless arg
2005-11-08 Sebastian Riedel Updated Intro.pod
2005-11-08 Sebastian Riedel Fixed some typos
2005-11-08 Sebastian Riedel Updated built in server to restart on win32
2005-11-08 Matt S Trout - Nuked
2005-11-08 Sebastian Riedel Fixed multiple appclass bug
2005-11-08 Matt S Trout - Fixed a dispatcher bug, thanks nothingmuch
2005-11-08 Matt S Trout - Added LocalRegex, tweaked Regex debug output
2005-11-08 Andy Grundman Fixed streaming write from a filehandle to stop writing...
2005-11-07 Sebastian Riedel Added user again
2005-11-07 Sebastian Riedel Removed $c->req->user accessor
2005-11-07 Sebastian Riedel Updated Tutorial.pod
2005-11-07 Sebastian Riedel Fixed error reporting for acl exceptions
2005-11-06 Matt S Trout - Further tweaks and added tests
2005-11-06 Sebastian Riedel Fixed setup_components to accept Catalyst::Component...
2005-11-06 Matt S Trout - Fixed it so tests run again
2005-11-06 Sebastian Riedel Made forward sane again
2005-11-06 Sebastian Riedel Fixed forward
2005-11-06 Sebastian Riedel Added $c->controller, $c->model and $c->view shortcuts
2005-11-06 Marcus Ramberg removed extra debug :/
2005-11-06 Marcus Ramberg fix debug flag to handle disabling via ENV
2005-11-06 Sebastian Riedel Added DBIx::Class::WebForm
2005-11-05 Matt S Trout - Restored Regex behaviour and added LocalRegex
2005-11-05 Matt S Trout - Made Catalyst::Action and ActionContainer default...
2005-11-04 Sebastian Riedel Updated helper
2005-11-04 Andy Grundman Fixed formatting to less than 78 cols
2005-11-04 Andy Grundman Applied LTJake's patch for adding SimpleTable to Dispatcher
2005-11-04 Andy Grundman Removed the 304 Not Modified code from Static::Simple...
2005-11-04 Matt S Trout - Fixed :Path('') which was annihilated in the Text...
2005-11-04 Sebastian Riedel Fixed typo
2005-11-04 Sebastian Riedel Fixed typo
2005-11-04 Sebastian Riedel Updated Build.PL a bit :)
2005-11-04 Sebastian Riedel Switched to Text::SimpleTable
2005-11-03 Yuval Kogman s/C<CGI>/L<CGI>/
2005-11-03 Sebastian Riedel Fixed typo
2005-11-03 Matt S Trout - Moved local $c->{namespace} set to Catalyst::Action...
2005-11-03 Andy Grundman 5.49_03 release changes
2005-11-03 Sebastian Riedel Updated helper template
2005-11-03 Andy Grundman Applied wdh's fixed exec call to work on FreeBSD