2014-08-10 Henry Van Styn Travis: preliminary reverse dependency testing
2014-08-09 Henry Van Styn Tests passing again (temp/fix - "leak_count")
2014-08-09 Henry Van Styn Revert changes made to in 1ef7eeb (5.90070)
2014-08-09 Ferruccio Zamuner Added italian translation of default error.
2014-08-07 John Napiorkowski prep for release 5.90070
2014-08-07 John Napiorkowski up version for release
2014-08-07 Henry Van Styn Added perl 5.20 worker to travis config
2014-08-07 John Napiorkowski fixed typo that messed up the catalyst stash key namespace
2014-08-07 John Napiorkowski we no longer need this test
2014-08-06 John Napiorkowski updated changelog
2014-08-06 John Napiorkowski change default log level to info
2014-07-21 John Napiorkowski updated changes
2014-07-21 John Napiorkowski merged the encoding plugin to Catalyst.p,
2014-07-18 John Napiorkowski removed CE::PSGI from author deps testing
2014-07-18 John Napiorkowski tweak stash method names a bit
2014-07-15 John Napiorkowski ready for my photo op ;)
2014-07-14 John Napiorkowski expect people to know what they are doing
2014-07-14 Laufeyjarson Add a new name to the list in stopwords, to fix t/autho...
2014-07-14 Laufeyjarson Add 'lazy' to two parameters to let the constructor...
2014-07-14 Marco Pessotto Replaced the Catalyst::Utils proof of concept with...
2014-07-14 John Napiorkowski cleaned up stash interface
2014-06-28 John Napiorkowski removed a bit more PSGI::Engine backcompat
2014-06-10 John Napiorkowski fixed merge issues from master
2014-06-10 John Napiorkowski up version prep for release
2014-06-10 John Napiorkowski changelog updated
2014-06-10 John Napiorkowski stash is now middleware
2014-06-10 John Napiorkowski removed old PSGI Engine backcompat
2014-06-09 John Napiorkowski abort on error defaults to true
2014-06-06 John Napiorkowski added changes
2014-06-06 John Napiorkowski make sure when http exceptions donot abort exising...
2014-06-04 Henry Van Styn version 5.90065 5.90065
2014-05-27 John Napiorkowski merge new log stuff
2014-05-27 John Napiorkowski Merge branch 'master' into ancona
2014-05-13 Henry Van Styn Misc tweaks per mst
2014-05-13 Henry Van Styn API change: autoflush (log) now on by default + unit...
2014-05-12 Henry Van Styn Back to 0/1 for true/flase setting for autoflush
2014-05-12 Henry Van Styn Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2014-05-12 Dagfinn Ilmari... Use a fixed body in response header tests
2014-05-12 Henry Van Styn Catalyst::Log::_log correct return value
2014-05-12 Henry Van Styn Turn autoflush off via undef instead of 0 for consistency
2014-05-12 Henry Van Styn Added 'autoflush' to Catalyst::Log + enabled during...
2014-05-08 Mark Ellis Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/wide_char_warning_...
2014-05-08 Mark Ellis set binmode encoding on STDERR when setting Encoding...
2014-05-07 Mark Ellis Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ancona
2014-05-05 Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix test failures when running under CATALYST_DEBUG...
2014-05-05 Dagfinn Ilmari... Remove redundant ->setup call in t/head_middleware...
2014-05-05 Dagfinn Ilmari... Add Changes entry for POD fixes
2014-05-05 Dagfinn Ilmari... Fix spelling, grammar and structural errors in POD
2014-05-05 John Napiorkowski up version and uodate changelog for release 5.90064
2014-05-03 Graham Knop fix loading inline packages in tests
2014-05-01 John Napiorkowski docs and correct middleware order
2014-05-01 John Napiorkowski test case to prove that HEAD chops off the body but...
2014-05-01 John Napiorkowski updated changelog
2014-05-01 John Napiorkowski correct auto detection of terminal width and better...
2014-05-01 John Napiorkowski updated depraction notes
2014-05-01 John Napiorkowski silence warning about redefinition of variable
2014-05-01 John Napiorkowski change info and version
2014-05-01 John Napiorkowski more docs and test cases for ENV localization
2014-05-01 John Napiorkowski fixed case where end action was called even if an http...
2014-04-14 John Napiorkowski fix for problem when a http style exception overloads... 5.90062
2014-03-10 John Napiorkowski prep for release 5.90061
2014-03-10 Henry Van Styn Moved setup_middleware() to after plugin setup block
2014-03-10 Henry Van Styn Moved order of plugin setup back to pre 5.90052 location
2014-02-17 John Napiorkowski testing behavior of URI_FOR when running as an embedded...
2014-02-08 John Napiorkowski upping versions and prep release 5.90060
2014-02-06 John Napiorkowski updated versions for release
2014-02-06 John Napiorkowski Merge branch 'master' into runner
2014-02-06 John Napiorkowski basic docs for env in req
2014-02-06 John Napiorkowski comment out test case
2014-02-06 John Napiorkowski sketch for httpmethods _ new psgi utils / tests
2014-01-30 John Napiorkowski changed docs
2014-01-30 John Napiorkowski make class method chaining off setup possible
2014-01-28 John Napiorkowski newer version of middleware
2014-01-28 John Napiorkowski document changes
2014-01-28 John Napiorkowski up version for upcoming release
2014-01-28 John Napiorkowski specify newer versions of some middleware
2014-01-27 Mark Ellis Merge branch 'runner-die-chain-middle' into runner
2014-01-27 Mark Ellis Added an extra test that dies in the middle of a chain
2014-01-27 John Napiorkowski updated copyright
2014-01-27 John Napiorkowski basic docs for the new exception stuff
2014-01-27 Upasana 1xx responses do not have any headers
2014-01-27 Upasana Added Plack::Middleware::RemoveRedundantBody to depende...
2014-01-27 Upasana Wrote tests for Plack::Middleware::RemoveRedundantBody
2014-01-27 Upasana Added routes for testing correct working of Plack:...
2014-01-27 Upasana Use Plack::Middleware::RemoveRedundantBody
2014-01-27 John Napiorkowski some docs on the new error stuff
2014-01-24 John Napiorkowski more docs
2014-01-24 John Napiorkowski applied patch from github
2014-01-24 John Napiorkowski fixed typo
2014-01-23 John Napiorkowski more middleware, more listed deprecations
2014-01-21 John Napiorkowski new middleware
2014-01-21 John Napiorkowski warn if modifying headers afer finalizing them
2014-01-21 John Napiorkowski document deprecations, refactor finalize body a bit
2014-01-21 John Napiorkowski documentatin updates
2014-01-06 Upasana Added docs explaining missing route for /go_here
2014-01-06 John Napiorkowski fixed spelling tests
2014-01-06 John Napiorkowski make an empty body [] not [undef]
2013-12-30 John Napiorkowski updated changes and versions, commented on deprecations...
2013-12-30 John Napiorkowski set body io-handle as the PSGI spec requires, and handl...
2013-12-27 Arthur Axel... run CI against 5.8