2011-08-07 Tomas Doran TWMC is fixed
2011-08-07 Tomas Doran Merge what I've done over the weekend
2011-08-07 Tomas Doran Back compat fix for CX::CRUD and others
2011-08-07 Tomas Doran Clarify CX::CRUD
2011-08-07 Tomas Doran All the tutorial apps still work
2011-08-07 Tomas Doran More TODO rewriting
2011-08-07 Tomas Doran Everything except CX::CRUD works
2011-08-07 Tomas Doran Update TODO and Changes
2011-08-06 Tomas Doran Put old version of TWMC in conflicts, update TODO
2011-08-06 Tomas Doran Note Manual needs additional fixing
2011-08-06 Tomas Doran Pull back use_request_uri_for_path docs from deleted...
2011-08-06 Tomas Doran nginx testing needed + docs, then we're done, really
2011-08-06 Tomas Doran Final bits of testing
2011-08-06 Tomas Doran Fix custom engine compat
2011-08-06 Tomas Doran More todo notes
2011-08-06 Tomas Doran Note conflicts
2011-08-06 John Napiorkowski updated todo
2011-08-05 Tomas Doran Fix display on search.cpan
2011-08-05 Tomas Doran Remove fixed things from TODO list
2011-08-01 John Napiorkowski updated TODO
2011-08-01 John Napiorkowski updated TODO for psgi
2011-07-29 Tomas Doran Normalize doc version numbers for 5.9 being next major...
2011-07-29 Tomas Doran This is broken, but used to work. See C::P::Auth
2011-07-29 Alexander Hartmaier fixed Catalyst::Upgrading spelling and phrasing
2011-07-28 Tomas Doran Remember to add the test bug reported on the list to...
2011-07-28 Tomas Doran Version 5.89003 5.89003
2011-07-28 Tomas Doran Runtime check to skip the plan, ergo need to runtime...
2011-07-28 Tomas Doran Fix server test to work in make test
2011-07-28 Tomas Doran Update changelog
2011-07-28 Tomas Doran Spelling
2011-07-28 Tomas Doran Done
2011-07-28 Tomas Doran Make that not a FIXME in the middle of the docs
2011-07-28 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2011-07-27 John Napiorkowski Lion is like Snow Leopard when it comes to tar issues
2011-07-27 Tomas Doran Stop crapping into the working directory
2011-07-27 Tomas Doran Do this at runtime, not compile time, so we actually...
2011-07-27 John Napiorkowski fixed problem when using Test::Aggregate and forking
2011-07-27 John Napiorkowski Merge branch 'psgi' of
2011-07-27 John Napiorkowski Lion is like Snow Leopard when it comes to tar issues
2011-07-26 Tomas Doran Make optional, and unfo effects as run in aggregate
2011-07-26 John Napiorkowski fixed deamonize test
2011-07-26 Tomas Doran Warning fix
2011-07-25 Andrew Rodland Pass options into Handler::FastCGI under preferred...
2011-07-25 Tomas Doran Fix aggregated tests
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Note apply_default_middlewares method method
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Require these in author mode
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Somewhat fix up the server script test
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Fixes in the docs
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Deal correctly with app classes which are immutable...
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Docs
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Clean handling of --pid and --background up a bit
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Start writing changelog for psgi dev release
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Add _set_env writer to non-PSGI Catalyst
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Remove trailing whitespace
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Make test skip if Engine::PSGI not installed
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Merge master into psgi branch
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Version 5.80033 5.80033
2011-07-24 Florian Ragwitz Better changelog for the ->config(actions => { '*' fix
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Small whitespace and test cleanups
2011-07-24 Tomas Doran Update changelog
2011-07-22 Matt S Trout update tests to ignore CATALYST_HOME env var
2011-07-22 Andrew Rodland I think Test::Exception is a little better here
2011-07-22 John Napiorkowski new test to make sure people using legacy psgi engine...
2011-07-22 John Napiorkowski removed debugging stuff
2011-07-22 John Napiorkowski fixed some broken tests
2011-07-22 John Napiorkowski added missing dep
2011-07-21 Andrew Rodland Fix the errors in finalize_headers when running on...
2011-07-21 Andrew Rodland Replace the setup_engine workaround with a better one
2011-07-21 John Napiorkowski now better support for legacy psgi (Catalyst::Engine...
2011-07-18 Tomas Doran Write out the pid file after double fork.
2011-07-18 Tomas Doran Fix background option
2011-07-18 Tomas Doran Hacking the server script
2011-07-18 Tomas Doran Add the crux of options that need fixing from jnap...
2011-07-15 Tomas Doran Fix test
2011-07-15 Tomas Doran Changelog
2011-07-15 Tomas Doran Make that a warning when in debug mode
2011-07-15 Brian Phillips skip setting cookies that can't be created successfully
2011-07-11 Tomas Doran Revert "removed component resolution regex fallback"
2011-07-07 André Walker removed component resolution regex fallback
2011-07-06 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2011-07-01 Tomas Doran More disable_component_resolution_regex_fallback
2011-06-09 Caleb Cushing give an example for $c->request->path
2011-06-09 Justin Hunter fix typo
2011-06-01 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2011-06-01 Florian Ragwitz Unbreak remote server tests
2011-06-01 Tomas Doran Add MYMETA.yml to .gitignore
2011-05-16 Dagfinn Ilmari... Add missing Catalyst::Devel author dep
2011-05-16 Dagfinn Ilmari... Append $\ in Catalyst::Response->print
2011-05-15 Florian Ragwitz Unbreak remote server tests
2011-05-15 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'master' into psgi
2011-05-12 Justin Hunter fix some typos
2011-05-09 John Napiorkowski removed backcompat code for old PSGI Engine since this...
2011-05-07 John Napiorkowski got all the tests running again
2011-05-07 John Napiorkowski Merge branch 'psgi' into origin/psgi
2011-05-05 Ton Voon Fixed situation where a detach($action) from a forward...
2011-05-03 Tomas Doran Document differences in Catalyst::Test as found by...
2011-05-03 Tomas Doran Pass extra args from ScriptRunner->run to ->new_with_op...
2011-05-03 Tomas Doran Make HTTP force standalone
2011-05-03 Tomas Doran public apply_default_middlewares method
2011-05-03 John Napiorkowski first attempt at a patch to enable compatibility with...