2020-07-26 Graham Knop unmark +x and remove shebangs
2020-07-26 Graham Knop avoid using deprecated subs in threads test
2020-07-26 Graham Knop configure lighttpd at root correctly in tests
2020-07-26 Graham Knop allow GET with body test to fail on lighttpd
2020-07-26 Graham Knop fix uri_for class method tests
2020-07-26 Graham Knop allow COLUMNS to override and silence terminal width...
2020-07-26 Graham Knop correct warning if not enough arguments provided to...
2020-07-26 Graham Knop Merge pull request #170 from perl-catalyst/haarg/no...
2020-06-20 Graham Knop bump Moose prereq so we can drop MooseX::Role::WithOver...
2020-06-19 Graham Knop show logs for reverse deps not using verbose
2020-06-19 Graham Knop show cpanm log on failure on travis
2020-06-19 Graham Knop preload parts of Catalyst when running tests with yath
2020-06-19 Graham Knop mark some tests as requiring no preloads when run with...
2020-06-19 Graham Knop clean up term width detection and remove spurious warnings
2020-06-19 Graham Knop only generate stats table if returning string
2020-06-19 Graham Knop drop Catalyst::Action::REST from test
2020-06-19 Graham Knop remove test using Params::Nested
2020-06-19 Graham Knop include our own leak checking code rather than using...
2020-06-19 Graham Knop rewrite tests using Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst...
2020-06-19 Graham Knop remove Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader develop prereq
2020-06-19 Graham Knop convert test checking middleware set in config to setti...
2020-06-19 Graham Knop convert test checking encoding set in config to checkin...
2020-06-19 Graham Knop generate app for live tests manually rather than using...
2020-06-19 Graham Knop fix lighttpd tests when using local::lib
2020-06-19 Graham Knop install perl from travis helpers
2020-01-20 John Napiorkowski new release to fix busted distributopn 5.90126
2020-01-19 John Napiorkowski yet another version 5.90125
2020-01-18 John Napiorkowski corrected POD
2020-01-18 John Napiorkowski some new ulti methods
2020-01-18 Mitch Jackson Add support for SameSite cookie attribute
2019-01-18 John Napiorkowski Release commit for 5.90124 v5.90124
2019-01-18 John Napiorkowski remove
2019-01-18 John Napiorkowski Release commit for 5.90124
2019-01-18 John Napiorkowski removed date
2019-01-18 John Napiorkowski not sure what distar wants...
2019-01-18 John Napiorkowski today
2019-01-18 John Napiorkowski I guess this is correct
2019-01-18 John Napiorkowski adding missing version info
2019-01-18 John Napiorkowski update version info for release
2019-01-16 John Napiorkowski solution for warnings when using from_psgi_response...
2019-01-16 John Napiorkowski Merge branch 'bokutin-bugs/from_psgi_response'
2019-01-16 Tomohiro Hosaka even this change is appreciated.
2019-01-02 Tomohiro Hosaka When from_psgi_response, a bug when headers are already...
2018-11-27 Graham Knop Release commit for 5.90123 v5.90123
2018-11-27 Graham Knop Bumping version to 5.90123
2018-11-27 Graham Knop add stopwords to fix spelling test
2018-11-27 Graham Knop Merge branch 'rrwo/log_stats_report'
2018-11-27 Robert Rothenberg Add note about new method in Upgrading.pod
2018-11-27 Robert Rothenberg Split code to log stats report (RT#127392)
2018-11-27 Graham Knop stop throwing warnings when REMOTE_ADDR is undef
2018-11-27 Graham Knop Merge branch 'bugs/rt-75731'
2018-11-27 Alexander Hartmaier required doesn't make sense with default
2018-11-27 Alexander Hartmaier log warnings when hostname resolving fails
2018-11-27 Alexander Hartmaier fix $c->req->hostname empty for IPv6 clients (RT#75731)
2018-11-03 Graham Knop Release commit for 5.90122 v5.90122
2018-11-03 Graham Knop changelog
2018-11-03 Graham Knop Bumping version to 5.90122
2018-10-22 Graham Knop Release commit for 5.90_121 v5.90_121
2018-10-22 Graham Knop Bumping version to 5.90_121
2018-10-22 Graham Knop changelog
2018-10-21 Graham Knop test spelling in lib files, not blib
2018-10-21 Graham Knop use PerlIO::utf8_strict for decoding uploads
2018-10-21 Graham Knop fix decoded uploads
2018-10-21 Graham Knop use debug warnings rather than carp when uri_for args...
2018-10-21 Graham Knop silence warnings in tests
2018-10-21 Graham Knop remove unneeded shebangs from tests
2018-10-21 Graham Knop chmod -x test scripts
2018-10-19 Karen Etheridge Release commit for 5.90120 v5.90120
2018-10-19 Karen Etheridge Bumping version to 5.90120
2018-10-19 Karen Etheridge avoid problematic upload tests on 5.029004+
2018-10-19 Karen Etheridge also test on 5.28, latest dev release, and blead
2018-09-24 Karen Etheridge Release commit for 5.90119 v5.90119
2018-09-23 Karen Etheridge Bumping version to 5.90119
2018-09-23 Karen Etheridge override exit() in test using MooseX::Getopt
2018-05-01 Graham Knop Release commit for 5.90118 v5.90118
2018-05-01 Graham Knop remove CPANPLUS from Makefile.PL and
2018-05-01 Graham Knop use normal version for Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode::Encoding
2018-04-30 Graham Knop Bumping version to 5.90118
2018-04-30 Graham Knop changelog
2018-04-30 Stuart Johnston Add tests for fragment handling
2018-04-30 Graham Knop fix uri_for handling of fragment with unblessed path
2018-04-29 Graham Knop remove duplicate downstream test
2018-04-29 Graham Knop no AUTHOR_TESTING/RELEASE_TESTING for downstream tests
2018-04-29 Graham Knop avoid Module::AutoInstall
2018-04-29 Graham Knop remove extra travis install step that is no longer...
2018-04-29 Graham Knop use travis-perl helpers fix issues
2018-04-26 Graham Knop include
2018-04-26 Graham Knop remove another remnant of aggregate testing
2018-04-26 Graham Knop verbose output for downstream tests on travis
2018-04-13 Graham Knop drop IO::Scalar prereq
2018-04-13 Graham Knop include optional test prereqs in develop
2018-04-13 Graham Knop remove unused xt prereqs
2018-04-13 Graham Knop remove redundant listing of Data::OptList prereq
2018-04-13 Graham Knop whitespace cleanup
2018-04-13 Graham Knop update README.mkdn
2018-04-13 Graham Knop drop namespace::autoclean
2018-04-13 Graham Knop remove unneeded skip for old HTTP::Body
2018-04-13 Graham Knop use json for serialized data in tests
2018-04-12 Graham Knop just use JSON::MaybeXS, not
2018-04-12 Graham Knop remove unused dep on Tree::Simple::Visitor::FindByPath...