2006-06-22 Matt S Trout no :PathPart -> :PathPart('subname')
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout Captures required, Args not
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout Added test for optional :Args when using :ChildOf
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout Added ChildOf tests for args passed to actions
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout argh. stupidity attack.
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout probably sorted capture passing to non-leaf actions
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout tweaked ChildOf debug output
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout made ChildOf docs slightly less "neat" but significantl...
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout fixed lurking buglet (thanks to jshirley)
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout Editing and neatening in ChildOf docs
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout Extended Intro with some ChildOf details
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout Tutorial for ChildOf
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout More tests for ChildOf
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout ChildOf Tests: chaining and dispatching on arg count
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout nuked tabs
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout implemented list and uri_for_action for ChildOf
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout first cut at :ChildOf
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout removed merge_config_hashes from ::View
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout fixup for dupe actions
2006-06-21 Marcus Ramberg Added msts message
2006-06-21 Marcus Ramberg Added Runtime skeleton.
2006-06-18 Matt S Trout removed retarded registration requirement in dispatcher
2006-06-18 Jesse Sheidlower Cookbook cleanup (much more to do)
2006-06-14 Jesse Sheidlower Cookbook: recipe to log in for testing
2006-06-12 Jesse Sheidlower Cookbook patch applied
2006-06-11 Matt S Trout tidy up the test
2006-06-11 Matt S Trout added the ability to specify extra options for componen...
2006-06-11 Matt S Trout actually added c3 mro test :/
2006-06-11 Matt S Trout added c3 mro test
2006-06-11 Matt S Trout updated require idiom to use new ensure_class_loaded...
2006-06-11 Matt S Trout use the latest Module::Pluggable
2006-06-11 Matt S Trout initial Module::Pluggable work
2006-06-08 Jesse Sheidlower CatInABox doc updates (thanks claco!)
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout small tweak to Installation.pod
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout more detail, restructuring of Manual.pod
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout light docs work (Intro awaits signficant rearranging)
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout Models, ACCEPT_CONTEXT
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout slight clarification of MVC and web apps, added a coupl...
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout Tut docs work
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout Tut docs work
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout torched C::M::FAQ
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout Installation.pod fixups
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout fixed typo in Auth::Cred::Passwd example
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout Fix a Pod typo and add explicit install of Digest:...
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout Typo in
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout Editing in docs branch
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout modified to introduce Controller::Root
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout some work on Tut docs
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout lib/Catalyst/
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout Cleaned up Tut files; no substantive changes
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout initial import of new Tutorial stuff from hkclark
2006-06-07 Yuval Kogman be a bit more anal about the checking for successful...
2006-06-07 Yuval Kogman Catalyst::Utils::ensure_class_loaded
2006-06-04 Matt S Trout improved DispatchType docs
2006-06-04 Matt S Trout I need a 'you forgot to svk add, fule' commit hook
2006-06-03 Matt S Trout extended uri_for, added uri_for_action to dispatcher
2006-06-03 Matt S Trout added Catalyst::Component->action_for
2006-06-03 Matt S Trout multimethod dispatch
2006-06-03 Matt S Trout improved docs for action_namespace and path_prefix...
2006-06-03 Matt S Trout added test for namespace config option
2006-06-02 Matt S Trout added actions-paths-from-config
2006-06-02 Gavin Henry Added all Advent entries. Still have to remove old...
2006-06-02 Matt S Trout doc'ed :Args
2006-06-02 Brian Cassidy conditional script gen check
2006-06-02 Brian Cassidy remove script gen
2006-06-01 Jesse Sheidlower small typo in synopsis
2006-05-31 Brian Cassidy added test
2006-05-31 Brian Cassidy added merge_config_hashes convenience method
2006-05-31 Matt S Trout Base takes namespace from self if object
2006-05-31 Matt S Trout minor refac
2006-05-30 Yuval Kogman a bit of code clarification in the dispatcher
2006-05-28 Yuval Kogman More comprehensive cookie tests + the ability to specif...
2006-05-28 Matt S Trout minor docfix
2006-05-26 Matt S Trout Essential changes to Makefile.PL
2006-05-26 Matt S Trout Swapped out CGI::Cookie for CGI::Simple::Cookie, dumped...
2006-05-25 Matt S Trout nuked Test::NoWarnings
2006-05-25 Matt S Trout removed UNIVERSAL::require from core
2006-05-24 Matt S Trout moved M::I::Cat
2006-05-24 Matt S Trout remove non-core deps
2006-05-24 Brian Cassidy clean up prereqs
2006-05-24 Brian Cassidy Plugins are no longer bundled
2006-05-24 Brian Cassidy split out Catalyst::Helper
2006-05-24 Matt S Trout corrected tyop
2006-05-23 Brian Cassidy updated Changes
2006-05-23 Brian Cassidy updated to version 0.08
2006-05-23 Matt S Trout Moose use no longer loose aboot this hoose
2006-05-22 Matt S Trout nuked each() out of core with prejudice
2006-05-22 Matt S Trout update Makefile.PL for latest Module::Install
2006-05-22 Matt S Trout Additional dispatcher tests from phaylon
2006-05-20 Kieren Diment removed a little nerdspeak
2006-05-20 Jesse Sheidlower Proofread! Wrap docs at 72 colums!
2006-05-19 Marcus Ramberg Added charter
2006-05-19 Matt S Trout Use Class::Inspector->loaded() instead of ->can('can')
2006-05-19 Marcus Ramberg docs for reusable actions
2006-05-19 Matt S Trout added ActionClass attribute
2006-05-19 Marcus Ramberg updated log format
2006-05-19 Matt S Trout remove Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst from Makefile...
2006-05-18 Matt S Trout Updated docs for Catalyst::Component
2006-05-18 Matt S Trout remove duff croak added by mistake
2006-05-18 Matt S Trout Separated execute and dispatch on Catalyst::Action