2009-07-11 Guillermo Roditi private_path method for actions that returns a string...
2009-07-11 Tomas Doran Less lies in the deprecated block comment in Dispatcher...
2009-07-08 Tomas Doran More ->config fixes + Changelog
2009-07-08 Tomas Doran U R DOIN IT WRONG.
2009-07-07 Dave Rolsky Deleted the old Restarter and associated code.
2009-07-05 Tomas Doran Fix warning, and only warn if really needed
2009-07-03 Florian Ragwitz Unfuck indenting.
2009-07-03 Florian Ragwitz Only call author_requires once, so all missing author...
2009-07-03 Florian Ragwitz Stop writing META.yml twice.
2009-07-03 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'check_conflicts'
2009-07-03 Florian Ragwitz Merge branch 'author_requires'
2009-07-03 Florian Ragwitz Port to Module::Install::CheckConflicts.
2009-07-02 Florian Ragwitz Port to Module::Install::AuthorRequires.
2009-06-30 Florian Ragwitz Version 5.80007. 5.80007
2009-06-30 Tomas Doran Add missed bug fixes to changelog
2009-06-30 Tomas Doran Test case for a way to make C3 crap itself by partially...
2009-06-30 Florian Ragwitz Changelogging.
2009-06-30 Florian Ragwitz Pretend that does Component::ApplicationAtt...
2009-06-30 Tomas Doran Core fix for warnings due to undef body as per fix...
2009-06-30 Tomas Doran Mangle changelog to remove names. Note mangling goes...
2009-06-30 Cory G Watson Claim my work, in case it breaks. ;)
2009-06-30 Cory G Watson Add new uri_with mode for appending.
2009-06-30 Eden Cardim updated Changes
2009-06-30 Eden Cardim added test case + patch for inherited action configuration
2009-06-29 Tomas Doran Don't mangle query parameters passed to uri_for, the...
2009-06-29 Florian Ragwitz Version 0.80006. 5.80006
2009-06-29 Florian Ragwitz Disable ContextClosure tests with LeakCheckers that...
2009-06-29 Florian Ragwitz Actually use make_context_closure correctly in the...
2009-06-29 Florian Ragwitz Remove useless asignment.
2009-06-29 Florian Ragwitz Remove <=> overloading for actions.
2009-06-29 Tomas Doran Comment the magic so that someone doesn't just remove...
2009-06-29 Rafael Kitover add note about overloaded <=>
2009-06-29 Rafael Kitover remove cmp overload in Action
2009-06-29 Rafael Kitover remove Action::sort_order
2009-06-28 Tomas Doran Fix bug from RT#46459, misc cleanups in Catalyst::Test
2009-06-28 Tomas Doran Twinking. That around modifier offended me, as I wrote...
2009-06-28 Tomas Doran And unfuck test by calling ->handle_request correctly...
2009-06-28 Tomas Doran Make Test::Aggregate not puke due to weird character...
2009-06-28 Tomas Doran Add a TODO test for matching url encoded paths from...
2009-06-28 Florian Ragwitz Pass $c along to path_prefix in _parse_PathPrefix_attr.
2009-06-27 Florian Ragwitz Don't screw the prove -l user too hard.
2009-06-27 Florian Ragwitz Apply method modifier to capture $ctx for ctx_request...
2009-06-27 Florian Ragwitz Bump deps for test aggregation.
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Moar changelogging.
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Changelogging.
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz stub pod for Exception::Go and ::Detach.
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Fix annoying warnings in Utils::resolve_namespace.
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Add test for ContextClosure.
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Add docs for ContextClosure.
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Add Catalyst::Component::ContextClosure.
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Use methods to throw exceptions, instead of passing...
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Make Exception initialisation saner.
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Add a rethrow method to Exception.
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Detect redispatch exceptions by a class check, not...
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Throw redispatch exception objects instead of plain...
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Add exception classes for the redispatching exceptions.
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Enable overloading fallback for Catalyst::Exception.
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Make Catalyst::Exception throw exception instances...
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Make exception stringify as their message.
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Add a message attribute to Exception::Base.
2009-06-26 Florian Ragwitz Properly clean namespaces in Catalyst::Exception*.
2009-06-25 Rafael Kitover Merge 'namespace_handling_refactor' into 'trunk'
2009-06-25 Rafael Kitover Merge 'trunk' into 'index_default_fuckage'
2009-06-25 Rafael Kitover cleanup TODO
2009-06-25 Rafael Kitover Merge 'trunk' into 'namespace_handling_refactor'
2009-06-25 Rafael Kitover add C::DispatchType::_is_low_precedence
2009-06-22 Tomas Doran Fix uri_for_action test by just reverting to as it...
2009-06-22 Tomas Doran Use merge_hashes rather than dclone
2009-06-22 Tomas Doran Test closures in config in the testapp. Makes everythin...
2009-06-22 Rafael Kitover missing / in test file
2009-06-21 Rafael Kitover forgot to add a file
2009-06-21 Kieren Diment this test is not for the regression which you seek
2009-06-21 Rafael Kitover fix root default thingie jayk gave me, sanitize Paths...
2009-06-21 Rafael Kitover Merge 'trunk' into 'index_default_fuckage'
2009-06-20 Tomas Doran Update test to be TODO, and note this case used to...
2009-06-20 Tomas Doran Re-add lukes specific regression test from r10498
2009-06-20 Rafael Kitover minor changes
2009-06-20 Rafael Kitover nicer action sorting for Path
2009-06-20 Rafael Kitover minor change
2009-06-19 Rafael Kitover prevent actions named index from registering as an...
2009-06-19 Tomas Doran Remove MockObject from Makefile.PL
2009-06-19 Tomas Doran 1 more MockObject removal
2009-06-19 Tomas Doran Remove MockObject
2009-06-19 Tomas Doran Remove Test::MockObject
2009-06-19 Tomas Doran Remove Test::MockObject
2009-06-19 Tomas Doran Just initialize a logger which only logs fatal errors...
2009-06-18 Rafael Kitover made a failing test
2009-06-18 Kieren Diment attempt to test for the infamous repeating path-uri...
2009-06-18 Rafael Kitover slight test fix, but test is still probably wrong
2009-06-18 Tomas Doran Test dinks
2009-06-17 J. Shirley Fixing test count
2009-06-17 J. Shirley Adding failing test for uri_for behaviors
2009-06-17 Tomas Doran Back out 10498 and 10097
2009-06-16 Andrew Rodland Doc patch warning of C<< $c->req->param >>'s fuzzy...
2009-06-11 Rafael Kitover fix $c->view() bug hopefully
2009-06-11 Dan Dascalescu Cosmetic: removed trailing whitespace
2009-06-11 Dan Dascalescu Fixed run-on sentence in COPYRIGHT and s/program/library/
2009-06-11 Dan Dascalescu Fixed typos, added parameters for content_like
2009-06-10 Luke Saunders prevent encoding plus signs in uri_for args
2009-06-10 Florian Ragwitz This is version 5.80.