Release commit for 5.90128
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2020-07-27 Graham Knop fix psgi_file test without Catalyst installed
2020-07-27 Graham Knop provide proper debug output in test if compiling psgi...
2020-07-26 Graham Knop unmark +x and remove shebangs
2020-07-26 Graham Knop avoid using deprecated subs in threads test
2020-07-26 Graham Knop configure lighttpd at root correctly in tests
2020-07-26 Graham Knop allow GET with body test to fail on lighttpd
2020-07-26 Graham Knop fix uri_for class method tests
2020-07-26 Graham Knop Merge pull request #170 from perl-catalyst/haarg/no...
2020-06-19 Graham Knop mark some tests as requiring no preloads when run with...
2020-06-19 Graham Knop drop Catalyst::Action::REST from test
2020-06-19 Graham Knop remove test using Params::Nested
2020-06-19 Graham Knop include our own leak checking code rather than using...
2020-06-19 Graham Knop rewrite tests using Test::WWW::Mechanize::Catalyst...
2020-06-19 Graham Knop convert test checking middleware set in config to setti...
2020-06-19 Graham Knop convert test checking encoding set in config to checkin...
2020-06-19 Graham Knop generate app for live tests manually rather than using...
2020-06-19 Graham Knop fix lighttpd tests when using local::lib
2019-01-16 John Napiorkowski solution for warnings when using from_psgi_response...
2019-01-16 Tomohiro Hosaka even this change is appreciated.
2019-01-02 Tomohiro Hosaka When from_psgi_response, a bug when headers are already...
2018-10-21 Graham Knop fix decoded uploads
2018-10-21 Graham Knop silence warnings in tests
2018-10-21 Graham Knop remove unneeded shebangs from tests
2018-10-21 Graham Knop chmod -x test scripts
2018-10-19 Karen Etheridge avoid problematic upload tests on 5.029004+
2018-09-23 Karen Etheridge override exit() in test using MooseX::Getopt
2018-04-30 Stuart Johnston Add tests for fragment handling
2018-04-13 Graham Knop drop IO::Scalar prereq
2018-04-13 Graham Knop whitespace cleanup
2018-04-13 Graham Knop drop namespace::autoclean
2018-04-13 Graham Knop remove unneeded skip for old HTTP::Body
2018-04-13 Graham Knop use json for serialized data in tests
2018-04-12 Graham Knop remove dep on Class::Data::Inheritable which isn't...
2018-03-27 Graham Knop fix unit_stats.t for new Time::HiRes
2018-01-21 John Napiorkowski reported errors 5.90117
2018-01-18 John Napiorkowski updated travis and restore some missing files
2018-01-18 John Napiorkowski Merge branch 'distar' into release-candidates/rc-5...
2018-01-16 Jay Hannah Merge branch 'pr/157' into release-candidates/rc-5...
2018-01-16 Jay Hannah Merge branch 'pr/135' into release-candidates/rc-5...
2018-01-03 LNATION make the missing data handler exception slightly more...
2017-09-26 Graham Knop convert to Distar
2017-09-26 Graham Knop use different package name in autoflush log test
2017-09-26 Graham Knop stop using Moo as a test package
2017-09-26 Graham Knop use inlined module hiding in tests
2017-09-26 Graham Knop clean up contributors
2017-09-11 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Fix double-encoding of spaces in query parameter keys...
2017-09-11 Dagfinn Ilmari Man... Fix spelling test failures
2017-05-01 John Napiorkowski Merge branch 'abort-chain-doc-and-test' of https:/...
2016-12-19 John Napiorkowski proposed new release
2016-12-18 Jens Gassmann Tests for double dot bug
2016-12-15 John Napiorkowski Merge branch 'topic/evilstash'
2016-12-15 John Napiorkowski docs and allow ../
2016-12-15 John Napiorkowski test case and proposed fix
2016-09-21 John Napiorkowski for people that do silly things
2016-08-30 Marco Pessotto Updated doc and provided tests for abort_chain_on_error_fix
2016-07-25 John Napiorkowski test case for reported regression
2016-07-20 Marco Pessotto Document and test what handle_unicode_exception is...
2016-07-19 John Napiorkowski make sure we are explicit in the return
2016-07-18 John Napiorkowski Merge branch 'melmothx-invalid-get-param-unicode' into...
2016-07-18 Marco Pessotto Added failing tests for invalid UTF-8
2016-07-15 John Napiorkowski trap http exceptions in prepare response phase
2016-07-06 John Napiorkowski example short circuit prepare phase
2016-06-20 John Napiorkowski set correct %INC
2016-06-08 John Napiorkowski fix noisy logs with header set aftger finalize 5.90105
2016-06-08 John Napiorkowski Merge branch 'execute_exception' of https://github...
2016-06-08 John Napiorkowski improved req/res/stats trait composing
2016-06-08 John Napiorkowski lets see if we can silence the error strawberry perl...
2016-06-07 Chase Venters Add test case for $c->state and exceptions inside ...
2016-05-26 asparkman Updated number of tests for live_engine_request_parameters
2016-05-26 asparkman Further corrects previously mentioned tests.
2016-05-25 asparkman Fixes tests to assume orthogonality between query keywo...
2016-05-17 asparkman Removes unecessary Content-Type header for GET unit...
2016-05-13 asparkman Adds test suite assuming orthogonality of query keyword...
2016-04-04 John Napiorkowski Merge branch 'topic/debug_warnings'
2016-04-01 Matthew Horsfall Fix file uploads with utf8 form field names. RT#113486
2016-03-01 John Napiorkowski separate arg compare from display better
2016-02-22 John Napiorkowski use normalized args to silence warnings in DEBUG mode
2015-11-09 John Napiorkowski fixed reportred regression on auto actions
2015-11-07 Thomas Sibley Test for recent regression parsing Args()
2015-10-29 John Napiorkowski preserve $c->state 5.90102
2015-10-29 John Napiorkowski get catalyst passing tests again
2015-10-29 John Napiorkowski Merge branch '104-path_empty_brackets' of https://githu...
2015-10-29 John Napiorkowski merged
2015-10-29 John Napiorkowski Merge branch 'pr/fix-spelling' of
2015-10-26 Marco Pessotto Test uri_for with path = 0
2015-10-26 Marco Pessotto Avoid warning when path argument for uri_for is not...
2015-10-10 Graeme Lawton Args() wasn't being processed as unlimited number of...
2015-10-09 Graeme Lawton Fixed :Path() empty brackets attribute not registering...
2015-09-09 Paul Cochrane Fix spelling errors and update spelling exceptions
2015-08-24 John Napiorkowski fix issues with middleware stash localizing stuff
2015-08-24 John Napiorkowski resolve conflict
2015-08-24 John Napiorkowski test cases for type constraints in roles and superclasses
2015-08-21 Kaare Rasmussen Forgot the type module
2015-08-21 Kaare Rasmussen Added tests for (currently failing) type constraint...
2015-08-13 Arthur Axel 'fREW... Add test that env does not get trampled
2015-08-11 John Napiorkowski role test case
2015-08-11 John Napiorkowski fixed incorrect eval for skip
2015-07-28 John Napiorkowski make stringy first argument into expert mode
2015-07-28 John Napiorkowski proposal for fragment spec
2015-07-27 John Napiorkowski more tests for escaping fragment