Release commit for 5.90128
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / script /
2018-05-01 Graham Knop remove CPANPLUS from Makefile.PL and
2010-04-13 Tomas Doran Fix spelling errors - RT#54335
2009-11-26 Tomas Doran Pass app name into constructor
2009-09-17 Tomas Doran -short is dead, RT#49771
2008-09-01 Matt S Trout r12983@zaphod: kd | 2008-04-28 18:10:27 +1000
2008-06-30 Brian Cassidy missed one
2006-10-18 Marcus Ramberg push Dev check to compile time (in BEGIN)
2006-07-06 Marcus Ramberg Add Catalyst::Helper use line
2006-07-06 Marcus Ramberg Prepared to release 5.7000
2006-07-06 Marcus Ramberg Ensure version check is correct.
2006-06-22 Matt S Trout Improved message in
2006-05-18 Matt S Trout clean up logging and debug output, minor doc fixes
2006-04-23 Marcus Ramberg prepared for release
2005-11-24 Andy Grundman Deprecated Build.PL file when regenerating Makefile.PL
2005-11-23 Andy Grundman Added -makefile to to generate a new Makefi...
2005-11-18 Sebastian Riedel Updated
2005-11-13 Jesse Sheidlower Doc changes in
2005-11-02 Sebastian Riedel Added -scripts option to for script updating
2005-11-02 Sebastian Riedel Changed helpers to default to long types, Controller...
2005-10-24 Sebastian Riedel Fixed some typos
2005-10-10 Andy Grundman Missed some changes, merged again from r1019
2005-07-21 Andrew Ford helpers now create .new files where files to be created...
2005-04-23 Sebastian Riedel Fixed typo
2005-03-08 Sebastian Riedel bin -> script