Merge branch 'bugs/rt-75731'
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / lib / Catalyst / Plugin /
2018-11-03 Graham Knop Bumping version to 5.90122
2018-10-22 Graham Knop Bumping version to 5.90_121
2018-10-19 Karen Etheridge Bumping version to 5.90120
2018-09-23 Karen Etheridge Bumping version to 5.90119
2018-05-01 Graham Knop use normal version for Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode::Encoding
2018-04-30 Graham Knop Bumping version to 5.90118
2018-03-29 Graham Knop improve comment about version comment
2018-01-23 Graham Knop adding comment with real version to unicode plugin
2014-07-21 John Napiorkowski merged the encoding plugin to Catalyst.p,
2014-05-08 Mark Ellis set binmode encoding on STDERR when setting Encoding...
2013-11-05 John Napiorkowski Merge branch 'hamburg'
2013-10-21 John Napiorkowski patches from dsteinbrunner
2013-10-03 Karen Etheridge fix internal link
2013-06-16 Wallace Reis Unicode - do not warn for legacy apps
2013-06-16 Wallace Reis Revert "Unicode plugin - rework exception handler"
2013-06-16 Wallace Reis Unicode - fix decoding process for uploads
2013-06-15 John Napiorkowski make tests pass
2013-05-26 Wallace Reis Unicode plugin - rework exception handler
2013-05-24 Wallace Reis Unicode plugin - rework encoding default config
2013-05-24 Wallace Reis Unicode plugin - move docs to main
2013-05-10 Wallace Reis Unicode plugin: fix typo (#81261)
2013-05-04 Wallace Reis Unicode plugin: import the module and bump version
2006-05-24 Brian Cassidy Plugins are no longer bundled
2006-05-23 Brian Cassidy updated to version 0.08
2006-05-09 Brian Cassidy ConfigLoader updated to version 0.07
2006-04-26 Brian Cassidy updated ConfigLoader to 0.06
2006-04-18 Brian Cassidy updated to latest ConfigLoader
2006-03-24 Andy Grundman Static::Simple 0.14 to core, also merged jester's doc...
2006-02-28 David Kamholz update ConfigLoader in Catalyst dist
2006-01-30 Brian Cassidy inlined ConfigLoader and ConfigLoader::YAML
2005-12-15 Andy Grundman Static::Simple 0.13 copy to core
2005-11-23 Andy Grundman Merged latest Static::Simple into core
2005-11-14 Marcus Ramberg updated to 0.10
2005-11-04 Andy Grundman Removed the 304 Not Modified code from Static::Simple...
2005-10-20 Andy Grundman Static::Simple, documented internal methods for coverag...
2005-10-20 Andy Grundman Set binmode on static files for win32 support
2005-10-20 Andy Grundman Changed Static::Simple to pass an IO::File object to...
2005-10-19 Andy Grundman Added Static::Simple to core