cookbook cleanup, small fix in MANIFEST.SKIP
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / lib / Catalyst / Manual / Cookbook.pod
2006-07-09 David Kamholz cookbook cleanup, small fix in MANIFEST.SKIP
2006-07-05 Kieren Diment moved cookbook entries into categories and gave a very...
2006-07-04 Kieren Diment removed some verbosity from mod_perl section, clarified...
2006-06-28 Jesse Sheidlower light Cookbook work
2006-06-27 Jesse Sheidlower doc updates, esp. DefaultEnd related
2006-06-23 Marcus Ramberg Corrected failing pod tests
2006-06-18 Jesse Sheidlower Cookbook cleanup (much more to do)
2006-06-14 Jesse Sheidlower Cookbook: recipe to log in for testing
2006-06-12 Jesse Sheidlower Cookbook patch applied
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout fixed typo in Auth::Cred::Passwd example
2006-06-02 Gavin Henry Added all Advent entries. Still have to remove old...
2006-05-19 Marcus Ramberg updated log format
2006-03-16 David Kamholz apply docs patch from Carl Franks (thanks!) with a...
2006-03-03 Gavin Henry Spell checking and formatting, with some grammar correc...
2006-02-11 Gavin Henry Some little changes to Plugins.pod before bed. Ran...
2006-01-23 Will Hawes updated 'Require user logins' example to use new Auth...
2005-12-21 Marcus Ramberg fix minor mistake in custom error screen (Jan Ivar...
2005-10-30 Jesse Sheidlower Cookbook: added require-user-login patch from Chisel
2005-10-19 Marcus Ramberg improved spelling in welcome screen.
2005-10-11 Jesse Sheidlower Spelling fixes throughout core modules
2005-09-07 Andy Grundman req -> res, ticket #22
2005-08-27 Marcus Ramberg leftovers from the old days.
2005-07-15 Jesse Sheidlower Custom Error Page added to Cookbook
2005-07-14 Marcus Ramberg added entry for serving static files with apache.
2005-07-07 Jesse Sheidlower Cookbook: outside classes; tweaks
2005-07-07 Jesse Sheidlower Cookbook doc adds (thanks chisel!)
2005-07-06 Jesse Sheidlower fixed borked Cookbook merge
2005-07-06 Jesse Sheidlower Doc tweaks from drewbie
2005-07-06 Jesse Sheidlower incorporated static discussion from andyg into Cookbook.pod
2005-06-24 Marcus Ramberg revised angry smiley.
2005-06-23 Jesse Sheidlower un-typoed last commit
2005-06-23 Marcus Ramberg updated cookbook
2005-06-12 Matt S Trout - Added multi-action-from-begin example to cookbook
2005-06-11 Danijel Milicevic Fixed: Applied Cookbook patch
2005-05-05 Sebastian Riedel Fixed cookbook
2005-04-23 Sebastian Riedel Fixed typo
2005-04-16 Jesse Sheidlower Fixed: assorted typos
2005-04-15 Sebastian Riedel Removed Persistent Perl from cookbook
2005-04-11 Christian Hansen rename $upload->link to $upload->link_to and $upload...
2005-04-11 Christian Hansen added a copy method to C::R::Upload and updated Cookbook
2005-04-11 Christian Hansen update Cookbook
2005-04-10 Christian Hansen Cookbook patch from vilts
2005-04-07 Marcus Ramberg revised documentation for 5.0
2005-03-23 Christian Hansen changed examples in Cookbook.pod
2005-03-22 Andrew Ford documentation changes
2005-03-10 Marcus Ramberg updated cookbook.
2005-03-08 Danijel Milicevic Added Auth::CDBI cookbook entry
2005-03-03 Sebastian Riedel pod coverage test for helper generated apps
2005-03-03 Marcus Ramberg added cookbook example for localtime.
2005-03-03 Marcus Ramberg added datetime inflation to the cookbook.
2005-03-03 Danijel Milicevic New entries for the cookbook
2005-02-28 Marcus Ramberg initial import of catalyst.