fix unicode in chain and path parts + debug console
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / lib / Catalyst /
2014-11-24 John Napiorkowski fix unicode in chain and path parts + debug console
2014-08-10 Henry Van Styn undo 310c2a3 ('change default log level to info') ...
2014-08-06 John Napiorkowski change default log level to info
2014-06-04 Henry Van Styn version 5.90065 5.90065
2014-05-27 John Napiorkowski merge new log stuff
2014-05-13 Henry Van Styn Misc tweaks per mst
2014-05-13 Henry Van Styn API change: autoflush (log) now on by default + unit...
2014-05-12 Henry Van Styn Catalyst::Log::_log correct return value
2014-05-12 Henry Van Styn Added 'autoflush' to Catalyst::Log + enabled during...
2013-09-13 Karen Etheridge get metaclass using preferred mechanism, via Moose
2013-03-25 Fitz Elliott fix broken tests for new psgi logging code
2013-03-12 Andreas Marienborg Add pod for the external method 'psgienv'
2013-03-12 Andreas Marienborg Make the methods "private".
2013-03-07 Andreas Marienborg Don't store the entire psgienv, just the pieces we...
2013-03-07 Andreas Marienborg Dont add \n for psgi logs(?)
2013-03-07 Andreas Marienborg First stab at a solution
2012-01-25 Tomas Doran Deprecate unused private method
2009-06-11 Dan Dascalescu Fixed run-on sentence in COPYRIGHT and s/program/library/
2009-04-29 Florian Ragwitz Changelogging.
2009-04-28 Tomas Doran Make logging additive properly. No longer WTF.
2009-04-23 Rafael Kitover runtime: fix logging with -Debug
2009-04-20 Tomas Doran Unfuck Catalyst::Plugin::Log::Dispatch
2009-04-18 Florian Ragwitz Don't inline the Catalyst::Log constructor to avoid...
2009-02-19 Florian Ragwitz Create branch register_actions.
2009-01-07 Tomas Doran Use the appropriate MOP function to be a bit neater...
2008-12-07 Tomas Doran Fix and test for issues when components import or defin...
2008-12-04 Tomas Doran Make everything which used to inherit CAF use the MX...
2008-09-01 Matt S Trout r12983@zaphod: kd | 2008-04-28 18:10:27 +1000
2008-06-30 Brian Cassidy authors cleanup
2008-06-23 Guillermo Roditi bye bye Class::C3. for good.
2008-06-23 Guillermo Roditi mro compat stuff
2008-06-23 Guillermo Roditi start using Class::C3, may need to add a reinitalize...
2008-06-23 Guillermo Roditi Updated Catalyst::Request and Catalyst::Response to...
2008-06-23 Guillermo Roditi whitespace changes for attributes
2008-06-23 Guillermo Roditi reverting (most of) the whitespace changes
2008-06-23 Guillermo Roditi enabling immutable finishing porting Log and stats
2008-06-23 Guillermo Roditi reapplying changes by konobi that I accidentally undid...
2008-06-23 Guillermo Roditi reverting back to when tests pass. applying changes...
2008-06-23 Guillermo Roditi Add Catalyst::Exception and Catalyst::Log to the Moosif...
2006-11-06 David Kamholz tweak debug output slightly
2006-06-08 Matt S Trout lib/Catalyst/
2006-05-19 Marcus Ramberg updated log format
2006-05-18 Matt S Trout clean up logging and debug output, minor doc fixes
2006-01-13 Curtis "Ovid" Poe Modified Catalyst::Log to make it a bit easier to contr...
2006-01-13 Andy Grundman Made _dump support more than 1 item
2005-11-19 Sebastian Riedel Reformatted documentation
2005-10-11 Jesse Sheidlower Spelling fixes throughout core modules
2005-10-10 Andy Grundman Missed some changes, merged again from r1019
2005-06-20 Christian Hansen Remove BEGIN from C::Log
2005-06-20 Christian Hansen Added $req->cookie
2005-06-14 Christian Hansen Added Catalyst::Exception
2005-06-03 Marcus Ramberg prepared for 5.23
2005-05-28 Christian Hansen Added metods to enable and disable log levels. Added...
2005-05-28 Christian Hansen Fixed some typos
2005-05-28 Christian Hansen added $log->is_(debug|info|warn|error|fatal)
2005-04-07 Marcus Ramberg revised documentation for 5.0
2005-03-26 Christian Hansen Fix dump bug in C::Log
2005-03-24 Christian Hansen added synopsis to Engine subclassed and documented...
2005-03-23 Christian Hansen Changed Catalyst::Log to be more compitable with existi...
2005-03-22 Andrew Ford added optional arguments to Catalyst::Log methods
2005-03-21 Andrew Ford minor doc changes
2005-03-02 Sebastian Riedel stuff stuff stuff
2005-02-28 Marcus Ramberg initial import of catalyst.