Remove use of overload
[catagits/Catalyst-Runtime.git] / lib / Catalyst /
2008-06-23 Guillermo Roditi Remove use of overload
2008-06-23 Guillermo Roditi start using Class::C3, may need to add a reinitalize...
2008-06-23 Guillermo Roditi whitespace changes for attributes
2008-06-23 Guillermo Roditi enabling immutable finishing porting Log and stats
2008-06-23 Guillermo Roditi Overload to stringify correctly
2008-06-23 Guillermo Roditi Initial commit of Moosified Catalyst parts.
2006-11-19 Marcus Ramberg refactored to leave synopsis to the top, and move the...
2006-06-25 Matt S Trout fixup coverage on all but C::Dispatcher
2006-04-08 Yuval Kogman perltidy and warning
2006-04-08 Yuval Kogman Simplify dispatcher guts to use hashes
2006-03-15 Marcus Ramberg lots of new docs,
2005-11-19 Sebastian Riedel Reformatted documentation
2005-11-09 Yuval Kogman Dispatcher::get_action no longer takes $c as a useless arg
2005-11-01 Matt S Trout - Punted get_action to ActionContainer
2005-10-22 Sebastian Riedel Cleaned all new classes
2005-10-22 Andy Grundman Fixed ActionContainer POD, added to manifest
2005-10-22 Matt S Trout - And finally some optimisations. Oh, and the missing...